Mushy Love

Our kids are two and (almost) four and they OWN us!

In the wee hours of the morning they barge into our room… and their demands begin- They either want to crawl into bed with us- or they want tea- or Barney

At any time of the day they find us wherever we are, very confidently ask us for what they need (want)- their approach is never apologetic and never do they seem to wonder if we care enough to give them what they need. They simply expect it.

Before I had kids I thought I’d be a strict mom. I thought I’d lay down the law and bums would Burn if those laws were violated! But now that my kids are here, their dad and I are putty in their hands. Of course we know that loving them includes discipline- and while most times I feel as though I live in a Zoo- it’s sure not a free for all. There are boundaries and when those boundaries are crossed- well you get the picture. BUT for the most part we’re mush when it comes to our children.

inside holding Luke made cropped bigger
With my Beautiful Son


With my Gorgeous Daughter
With my Gorgeous Daughter

What I’d like to highlight here is the confidence with which our kids interact with us.

This morning I was drinking tea and my daughter toddled to me and said she wanted to sit on my lap. I let her and she drank what was left of my tea. Tea I wanted! But it was a joy sharing that moment with her. I watched her tiny little hands and face as she drank MY tea 🙂 The love juices that surged through me at that moment me shot through the roof!
I think Daddy God wants us to be like that with Him.
I watch my kids and I cannot believe that God would call Himself my Dad if He couldn’t at the very least be as mush toward me as I am toward my kids.
I think of how our kids barge into our room in the morning, demanding our attention- and I think Daddy God would love for us to march that confidently to Him and cry out “Daddy!”
But an ungodly fear has been placed in our hearts toward the One Being who Loves and Adores us more than we could ever imagine.
If Daddy God were as “strict” as we think Him to be- how many of us would survive the nonsense we get up to if He punished us as we deserve every time?
I’m not saying He’s a push over- not at all- but I think the same way my Guy and I melt when our kids walk into the room- Daddy God’s heart melts when we walk into His presence.
Just the way I’m swept away with major floods of feel good hormones when my daughter climbs onto my lap, Daddy God is thrilled when we approach Him with the same childhood abandon- trusting that He loves us and He won’t bark at us to go away when we go to Him.

I think one of the reasons we’re blessed with kids is to experience this crazy love we have for them- so crazy I think it actually makes no sense at all!
Whenever you feel all mushy toward your babies- remember Daddy God is that mushy about You ALL the time!

Much Love,


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