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On November 30 I’ll be speaking at the launch of Gemstones  Teen Pregnancy Crisis Centre.

I’ll be supporting the Gemstones founder who’s also my friend Jennifer Swanepoel.

Jennifer’s story is an amazing one of courage, tenacity, determination and love.

Jen had her first child at sixteen- but boy did she just buckle down and decide to be a rocker mom to her little boy.

I’ve known her for years and what a dedicated, awesome, mom she is.

And now the little boy she birthed seventeen years ago is a strong, beautiful, super-talented, young man- and I can just see how her eyes light up when she talks about her children.

Jen started Gemstones because she believes that if she could do what she did- then imagine the possibilities for so many other teens who are in the place now that she was in 17 years ago?

With the right support Jen knows that these young women can still finish their schooling and still do great things in their lives.

And that’s what her work with Gemstones is all about:  Showing these precious young women that each of them is indeed precious- they are Gemstones.

Jen wants to remind them that they have not been forgotten- and what may seem like the end of their world is actually the beginning of an awesome journey if they will just allow the courage within them to shine.

I’m so proud of Jen for doing this.

Proud because she’s been talking about Gemstones for years and now she’s stepping on the water and just going for it.

I cannot in this one post tell you how those waters are just parting for her- but she had to step out in faith.

So I’m asking women to come and celebrate one of our own doing something spectacular in following their dreams.

Moms bring your daughters- they’ll be so blessed!

Jen’s asked me to speak at the event so I’ll be sharing with you some of the juicy, incredible, principles I’ve been coming across that make successful people successful.

I’ll also be talking about the fullness that awaits us when we live a passionate life.

It’ll be an awesome morning- a feast of love!

Tickets are R100 and include scrumptious eats.

None of this is for profit.

All proceeds go to next year’s education of two young women already in the Gemstones program.

You can email me at hannahviviers@gmail.com  for tickets.

Or contact Jennifer directly on  082 822 9754 or blueberrylane@mweb.co.za

Tickets really are selling fast because I believe women who are hearing Jen’s story just want to be something this fantastic- so please if you do want to attend book early.

The event will be on the West Rand and starts at 10am, November 30.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show and the author of  mommy24.com

You can read her blog at hannahviviers.wordpress.com


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