The Unsung Heroes of Business

We live in an age of Robust enterprise.

It’s an age of multi-millionaires under the age of 30 and new products and services that Wow us with their creators’ sheer brilliance.

Successful Entrepreneurs now take the coveted place of super stardom that was once reserved for Rock Stars, A-List Actors and Supermodels.
While all that’s great, there are some rock star business people who fly under the radar, don’t receive much limelight and yet these soldiers are the unsung heroes of business who, oftentimes, work behind the scenes fueling the superstar entrepreneurs we so admire. They are Super-Intrapreneurs.

No successful organisation can survive without them
These guys (and gals!) aren’t necessarily wired to start and run stuff of their own- but they’re geniuses when it comes to taking an already existing enterprise to the next level.
Super-Intrapreneurs are innovative and strategic- They not only see the Visionary’s BIG Picture they TOTALLY get it!
One of the most valuable traits of Super-Intrapreneurs is they are ferociously Loyal.
For them it’s more than just a job, it’s not just a paycheck- their work is an enormous part of their lives and they take great pride in producing stellar results.

Super-Intrapreneurs are self-driven

They’re also constantly on the look out for new growth opportunities for the organisations they work for.
A Super- Intrapreneur could very easily start their own business and be quite successful because of their ‘All or Nothing’ kind of attitude- but having their own business is not first prize for the
Super-Intrapreneur- it’s just not how they’re wired.

Some Super-Intrapreneurs have been called the Leading Entrepreneur’s “Right Hand Woman (or Man)” or “Number 2” in an organisation- The Super-Intrapreneur doesn’t mind those titles but they’re misleading.
A Super-Intrapreneur is often number one in whatever they do- it’s just how they are- yet they’re quite happy to not be the Big Cheese in an organisation because the Super-Intrapreneur isn’t after position or title, they’re in it for the work and the BIG win.
The BIG win for the Super-Intrapreneur is that when their organisations succeed, that’s their success. They don’t have trouble sharing the pie which is another reason they’re so indispensable.

Not every innovative rock star in business is meant to have their own business

And the notion that this is the case has put undue pressure on Super-Intrapreneurs who prefer having a Great Job to having their own business. That’s what makes them happy- that’s how they find their fulfillment.
It’s not that they’re afraid of risk or challenge- in fact
Super-Intrapreneurs are adrenaline junkies! The more pressure they have the more they thrive. They savour meeting challenges head on and have no qualms with risk.

Super-Intrapreneurs will often risk comfort and even they’re own well-being for the sake of a cause they believe in. Forget going the extra mile- these guys will create infrastructure from dust if they have to!

Entrepreneurs are awesome. But Entrepreneurs (even the most gifted) would be absolutely nowhere if they didn’t team up with Super-Intrapreneurs who are Key to turning Great Ideas into Super, Hugely Profitable Businesses.

Hannah Viviers is host of the Dream BIG TV Show and Author of the Inspirational Business Blog,

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