The Beautiful Wine Maker

Grapes on vine
I used to think God would waste my time.
I’d hear people say: “Ask God” or “Pray about it”
and honestly I thought that was a massive waste of time. By the time He got my prayer… then He’d make me jump through all sorts of hoops- and then maybe (just maybe) He might answer my prayer- in the meantime I would’ve lost precious time compared to if I just went full steam ahead and did what I planned to do!
I laugh now- because I realise how silly my thinking was!
The more I allow Him into my everything the speedier my answers and breakthroughs are. The more success I enjoy. The more peace and rest I have. The more strength- even more time!
His rest is beautiful. In it we can do so much more than we ever could in our strength and timing.
The Beautiful Wine Maker who compressed time and produced the most delicious wine (that in reality should have taken decades) did it in just one instant. Give Him your bland water and see what He does. Don’t underestimate this Guy.

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