In Him

It’s day two of randomly crying- A Lot- feeling overwhelmed and yet blessed at the same time.
It’s been very stressful doing life and battling a difficult state of poor health.
But as in most of my battles I learn so much about myself and My God in Me.
For a long time I “soldiered” on. Doing what I had to because stuff needed to get done.
I got accustomed to little sleep, eating on the constant run and never getting time out- I accepted this as my life and the life of so many other people, especially women.
My biggest mistake was shelving the need to spend time with Daddy God Daily. That is The Refreshing that has carried me through the toughest of times and empowered me at times I had No strength of my own left.
So that’s my state right now.
And all I can say is it doesn’t matter how Powerful or Able we may feel or seem, there comes a time for each of us when we fully realise the Truth of the Scripture that says, “In Him we Live, and Move, and have Our Being.” (Acts 17:28)

I send You Love,

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