What do You do when You’ve been “waiting on the Lord” and NOTHING’s happening?

You’ve prayed- you’ve even fasted- and yet… yep a BIG FAT NOTHING!

What then?

Joseph Prince reminded me of the answer this week-

I knew the answer because I’d used it before- I’d seen miracles happen because of this particular mode of operation- but I’d allowed this beautiful Truth to be snatched from me- nay I had given it over on a silver platter- I had given my Power away.

When You’re waiting and you’re “trusting” but God doesn’t seem to be “showing up”- the problem is not God- and the problem is not that He  doesn’t want to answer You.

The problem, often, is that we’re not shutting the door.

What’s that door? You may ask. My friend it is the door of Doubt.

So here’s what Pastor Prince was teaching this week- He was teaching the power and importance of saturating ourselves with the Word of God.

The way of life is that there is always an exchange to get something- what’s AWESOME is that if You believe in King Jesus then you know that He has already paid everything for us-

However an exchange still has to take place- the currency we use to get what we want is faith. It’s the Heavenly Dollar, Rand- whatever currency you may think- only it’s the MOST POWERFUL Currency in all of Creation and Beyond.

In the natural you need a channel with which to get money- be it a business or a job or an inheritance… but to get that money from there to your pocket something’s gotta happen.

In Daddy’s Kingdom the way you get faith into your heart and life is absorbing God’s Word.

When I was trusting God to give me babies I SATURATED myself with Scripture of barren women having children- and I consumed COPIOUS amounts of modern testimonies (online) from women who had seen God move in that area of their lives.

So we have that part down- but you may be wondering what did I mean when I said SHUT THAT DOOR!

If the enemy knows that the way you get what your heart’s desire is through faith what do you think his number one weapon against You will be?


It’s that simple.

He will bring unbelief in a myriad of ways- whether it’s through events that terrify the bedonkers out of you- whether it’s constantly telling you your current circumstance will never change- whether it’s speaking to you through the people you love- let me tell you that devil’s not only a liar but he is super cunning and knows exactly what will bring unbelief in your heart.

Oftentimes I’ve told myself, “Hannah it’s OK to allow yourself to feel the hurt, the disappointment, the anxiety… you’re only human- you have to own your emotions  and work through them…”

That kind of junk self-talk has on many occasions almost robbed me of what God has for me.

You can choose to be Ronald MacDonald, flimsy, looking great on the outside but no substance on the inside- or you can choose to be a Mighty Warrior.

You CANNOT be a Mighty Warrior when you allow this “own your emotions”  crap to run your life!

I speak with such conviction because I know what I’m talking about and it nearly shut me down.

If you’re gonna get what you want, be it work that brings you joy, a thriving business, a baby, a WONDERFUL husband, an AMAZING Wife- these things will not hop and skip to you-

You may have to dig your heels in and fight-

You’ll have to do two things, fill yourself with God’s Word pertaining to your particular situation. THEN you’re going to have to  shut the door COMPLETELY to any doubt that attempts to creep in.

Don’t even allow yourself two seconds of thinking doubtful thoughts- because while it may be “human” let me tell you those two seconds are all the devil needs to gain a foothold, BARGE in and FLOOD you with unbelief.

Slam that door on him!

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Let God be true my sister, my brother- Let God be true.

If God said He can heal- the way you believe Him is you absorb into every cell of your being Everything Daddy says about healing.

I used to take Scripture like where God said to Adam and Eve: “Be fruitful and multiply.”

I would take that and say God you said this to ALL of mankind- nowhere did you say “Be fruitful and multiply… oh except Hannah!”

You have NOT been excluded from any good thing God has reserved for His babies.

If you’re like me and you’re trusting Daddy for Divine Breakthrough in Your business- girl click your heels and trust that Daddy will! Mr Man- straighten your tie and trust that Your Daddy in heaven will!

But You have got to saturate yourself with Scripture about God’s absolute desire to promote and succeed You. He wants You to fulfill your purpose so that you may be a blessing to all the nations of this earth-

Dare to Dream that  BIG! Because Daddy God has your back!

No matter what anyone says- no matter what you see or hear- no matter what the media tell you- it doesn’t matter what anyone else dead or alive has experienced- it doesn’t even matter what your OWN personal experience has been- this is a new season for You! It doesn’t matter how many people failed- You will not fail.

But as much as God wants to bless you, as much as He wants to heal you- there is an exchange required of you- and if you want it bad enough I really really don’t believe that exchange is too much.

Jesus gave His life and everything He had- Everything- to write you that Cheque- all you gotta do is cash it. But you cannot cash a cheque you don’t know exists- and you cannot cash a cheque if you don’t know where you have to redeem it from.

As I write this I pray for deep revelation in your heart and an unshakable energy and desire to obtain ALL God has for You.

Saturate Yourself with Scripture. Shut the door of unbelief-



Hannah Viviers is Daughter of the MOST HIGH and the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.

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