Believe in the Power of Your OWN Dreams

It’s easy, and dare I say human, to measure ourselves against others.

If we’re honest, often we may use other people’s lives as benchmarks.

The Profound begins to be revealed in our lives when we realise that we are SPECTACULAR!
We are exactly who we need to be.

We have precisely what we require to catapult us to our very own destiny.

Learning from others is wise; But to waste precious energies being envious and wondering how come it’s not “happening” for us is destructive.

Each path is different. Each is unique for the one who walks it.

The way things are unfolding in your life is crucial in building you for what lies ahead.

Another’s path will never build you- in fact it may destroy you because it’s not meant for you.

Dear Friend, Your dreams are sufficient for You. More than that your dreams will exceed your expectations and bless generations to come.

But you have to focus on your OWN dreams. They are the only ones you’ve been anointed to succeed in.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of theĀ Dream BIG TV Show


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