How much do you believe in You?

Often I hear people tell me how wonderful they think their idea is – but from how they tell me I have to wonder if they really do believe in what they’re trying to sell me.

Why are we so shy to talk about what we do?

And yet ask us about our role as employees in the companies we work for and we can’t stop talking!

If we SO believe in what we do and think it’s SO spectacular then shouldn’t we market our own business ventures more?

Far too many times we fail to dish out yummy snippets of how awesome our products and services are.

Tell us what makes your service different.

What makes your product better?

Why should we listen to you instead of the next guy?

Sadly, and far too often, we lose countless opportunities to attract people to our business.

In my coaching business I have a Personal Brand Management program. It runs for two days.

On the first day delegates have to talk about the roles they play in their current job – if they have their own business they have to talk about their role in that. Most times (9 out of 10) people go through this session with flying colours.

The following day we focus on the personal brand. In a nutshell it asks the questions: Who are you truly? What do you believe in? What matters to you? How do you translate that into the business you dream of building?

Boy how people struggle to answer these questions!

You owe it to You to ask these questions of yourself.

If you have a spectacular idea – stop talking about it – make it happen! And for crying out loud grab every opportunity to tell us what it is and how it’ll change our lives!

Your idea is awesome. Believe it and help us see the awesome in it.

Be bold. Around every corner are countless opportunities for you to draw us in.

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