The Love Connection: Ladies meeting – for Men only!

2012 has been something!

My husband and I started our business seminars for entrepreneurs in May this year. 

Personally it’s been quite a journey for me to get to the place where I’m doing something I truly love.

This journey is giving me the courage to quit what doesn’t matter – and every day it nags me to focus on what does.

At our first business breakfast earlier this year I spoke about partnerships. I spoke about how choosing our life partner was perhaps the most important decision we would ever make in business.

With each seminar or project we’ve tackled this year I’ve found myself asking my husband: “Are you proud of me?”

For me that question also asks: Do you truly believe in what I’m doing? Do you care? And how much of your support do I have in this?

I may have TONS of support from so many others – but the “so many others” are not the ones I go home to…

This year I found out that happiness is truly underestimated.

I also found out that if love and passion are not the foundation upon which we build- we ultimately fail.

So it’s this very topic we hope to get our teeth into at our first meeting on February 9, 2013: Love and Passion. 

Our speakers for this event will lead us into discussion about:

Connecting with your own true love – in short we’ll be delving into what you’re really passionate about and how connecting with that can catapult your business or even non-profit to a whole new level

Partnering with the right people who can help you get to where you want to go. 

The power of agreement between life partners and how that power can fuel your business ventures to incredible heights.

The power of whole families: True success is when we take our families along the journey with us. Success is empty when we find ourselves alone at the end of all we’ve worked so hard for.

We look forward to spending February 9 with you.

Feb is the month of love. We hope this seminar will ignite and/or re-ignite something spectacular in you.


Warmest Regards,

Hannah Viviers

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