The world has changed

And it’s a dangerous thing to deny it.

In fact the world has changed WAY more than most of us have realised. It’s changed in ways we never ever dreamed imaginable just a few years ago.

Remember the time of Ford, the Rockerfellers, the Johnsons… in that era the moguls were those that produced a product you could buy in a store etc. You took the product home – and as time passed you’d probably return buy another product… but who are the moguls now?

Would it have been fathomable as early as the 90’s that a self-confessed member of the hacker culture would be one of the richest men on earth?

Here’s the thing I’m learning: not only has the world changed and thus the demand that we do things differently – it is utterly dangerous now to follow in footsteps.

Change is happening at a more dynamic and more rapid pace than it’s ever done before. So if you follow someone’s footsteps you will surely fail. Simply because by the time you’re done following you’ll find that the path led to a place that’s redundant. Learn from those that have gone before you but do make your own path.

There isn’t time to just follow. Innovation is the path. For now.

So here’s the challenge and perhaps one of the hardest things we as humans have to do: change your thinking.

It’s either that or sure failure.

For parents here’s the even greater challenge – how then do we prepare our kids for a world (in their future) we cannot even imagine now?


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