Just another year…

When I look back on this year I’m almost unsure if all I remember of it was actually my life. That’s how bizarre it’s been!

There have been SUCH highs – and SUCH lows…

There were times I was so sure of what I was doing and so sure of who I was and other times I just had no clue!

There were times I’d wake up and think:  “Oh bummer I’m still alive!”  Dread would fill my heart and I would get up to trudge through another day in what felt like my then rubbish existence.

And other times I’d wake with a huge smile on my face ready for the day ahead and so hopeful of what felt like a bright future.

I’ve had really tough decisions to make – and live by.

And now I’m looking forward to next year.

It’s a mistake to look at our moments as “just”

It’s not “just “tomorrow, it’s not “just” next week or “just” next month or “just” next year – these are gems. Opportunities for something new.

For some, this year has been glorious- for others it’s been absolutely dismal – some haven’t really taken much note because for them it’s “just” been another year – and for some (like me) it has been a combination of so many things.

I once heard someone say you can’t drive forward with your eyes fixed on the rear view mirror. The truth of that is deep.

Forget what is behind you and reach for what lies ahead.

2013 is NOT  “just”  another year.

It is a culmination of moments, days weeks, months – all of which are yours to create something really special.

I hope this time next year you can look back on 2013 with a HUGE smile on your face.

There were times this year I just wanted to pack it all in and call it quits – in crucial areas of my life.

There were times when failures from my past hovered over me and told me that I would continue to fail in places where success had eluded me. The past failures mocked me and asked:  “So what will make this time different?”

Life has never ever been perfect. For anyone. Nevertheless have the courage, grace and generosity to draw out something spectacular from the new year that lies ahead.

Because a new moment sometimes is the difference.


Hannah Viviers is founder of Hannah Viviers Business Training and Author of mommy24.com.

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