That Rumbling in Your Heart Means…

Once Upon a Time I found myself in SUCH a pit- I thought I’d never get out.

That was a tough time in my life that to this day brings tears to my eyes.
I am grateful for my son Luke because without him, at that time, I don’t know…
It was through my boy that God gave me hope.
My Beautiful Boy Luke. His name means Bringer of Light.
My Beautiful Boy Luke. His name means Bringer of Light.
I have written about this a little in depth and hope to share it with you soon, for now though I’ve been feeling it so strong on my heart that I need to meet with some of you to discuss You, Your life, Your dreams, ambitions and how to get there.
Last week I shared with you about this time in my life called Transition and it’s a sentiment I’m hearing from so many others.
Friday, March 27 at 9.30am – 12 (Midday) I’d like to meet those of you who would like to for a coffee to discuss Personal Branding.
Personal Branding is one of those terms that sounds a tad overwhelming and rather self-centered.
But it’s simple, powerful and when done right, one of the most generous things you could do with your life.
At our Coffee (or Tea ) we’ll really be delving into that tug you’ve been feeling at your heart.
How do you get from where you are now To where You envision?
How do you release what’s been placed on the inside of you?
For some the question might even be, How do you recognise what’s been placed in you?
Some feel a powerful rumbling inside you, you know the world will be better for it but you’re battling with how to make it happen.
I’ll be sharing the very practical steps I’ve been using to brand myself and help you create (or grow) something you’re truly passionate about.
And of course we’ll be discussing Social Media! (If you have a business and are not using this VERY powerful tool this is definitely for you.)
Never in the history of mankind have people like you and me been able to access TONS of people by a click of a button. It’s a tremendous blessing that no business owner can miss.
I’ll be sharing some what I’ve done for our Social Media Marketing. I’m excited about this because I’ve seen it work beautifully!
I’ve found that you don’t have to have a “life-plan”. Anyone who’s lived a little knows that our lives don’t always pan out as we think they will- and I thank God that that’s the case. Because sometimes we lose awesome blessings because of trying to “stick to the plan.”
I’ll be sending more specific details of what we’ll cover in that time we’ll be together.
For now if this resonates with you please let me know.
Also I feel to ask you pray about it and ask Daddy God if this is for you right now. For some of you this may not be the right time or season for this and for others this is what You really need to take you to that next level you’ve been praying for.
This is a paid event to be held in Johannesburg: R650 per person.
For those who may want to attend but have to work, we’ll be providing certificates of attendance- Motivate your attendance to Your boss as part of Your training and development. You never know they might even pay for you to attend!
This is going to be time¬†You’ll be SO grateful you spent this way.
You’re welcome to pass this info on to people you know need something like this- I know it’s going to be powerful and awesome.
I look forward to spending this time with you.
Warmest Regards,
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