Let me tell You something Powerful…

“Submit” to our husbands?┬áLike REALLY? In the 21st Century! Is this something that should be expected of us liberated, smart, income-earning women!

Here’s my 2 and a half cents on the matter…

A few weeks ago I wanted to go on a mentorship program I knew I’d hugely benefit from.
We didn’t have the money but I asked my husband anyway.
His answer, understandably, was No.

I’d taken some courses from this particular mentor before and knew she was legit- I felt I really needed to be on her upcoming program-
So I prayed.
I felt Father tell me to explain to my husband, in detail, why I wanted to take the course. But- if after my explanation he still said no I was to drop it. Never mention it again. That would be the end of that conversation.

I distinctly heard Daddy God advise me: “Hannah if he says no, don’t sulk, do not do anything to manipulate him to get your way, honour his decision and let this go.”

Some of you may wonder, but if God knows everything surely He would’ve predicted whether my husband would say yes or no- AND He would’ve told me whether asking again was a waste of my time? And herein lies the beauty of what Daddy’s been teaching me: Submissiveness is not about doing or not doing what my guy wants- submissiveness is all about heart. What is my heart’s position when my Husband doesn’t go with what I want?

I can see some women wanting to hang me-

But please, Let me tell You something Powerful…
I have learned, the very hard way, that when I do things outside my husband’s sincere
go-ahead, there’s no blessing in it.

At the beginning of the year my husband wanted something that was so against my desires. A wise woman told me to submit to him still.

“Even if my heart’s not in it?” I cried.
“Yes.,” she answered. “There’s blessing in it Hannah. God has a way of protecting your dreams.”

I’m SO glad I took her advice because going with what my husband wanted then, with a sincere heart on my part, has blessed us in leaps and bounds.

Anyway, back to the mentorship course thing- I prepared my heart and when I was certain I could take another No from my hubby joyfully, trusting that God would bless me still- I asked again.

Hubby listened. And he said Yes!
I’m LOVING the course. And it’s blessing me far beyond what we paid for it!

But that’s not the point- the point is I’m on the course JOYFULLY and FULL of peace knowing I have the ABSOLUTE blessing and support of my guy.

There have been times I’ve made decisions, especially financial ones, that my guy was not too keen on- but everything LOOKED great- and I jumped at the opportunities… sometimes even twisted his arm till he gave in and said yes- every single time I’ve gone ahead without his peace I’ve seen my ass in technicolour!

I get that some men abuse this “submit to your husbands” story.
And that’s sad.

My guy taught me that God’s advice to us women to submit to our men is to protect us.
I have seen the wisdom of this over and over again in our lives.

My husband once told me that even if a man is not smart at all- and lacks wisdom to the max- if his wife would submit to him in a godly manner God is obligated to give the guy wisdom and prosper him for the sake of his wife!

I’ve come to believe that submitting to my guy is worship to an all-Loving and all-knowing God.
Yep- I believe it to be THAT big a deal!

I’m finding that submitting to my guy is a faith thing.

He’s fantastic in many ways- but that’s not the only reason I submit to him, I submit to him because I’ve learned to trust God in this area.
I’ve learned to trust that even if hubby does make a decision that’s a mistake, somehow God will make it work for our good- because we are working in His order of things: Husband is the Head of the Home. That is a HUGE responsibility Daddy has given His sons.
To honour Him we have to honour them.

As a woman I can say that for me it’s been a heart challenge- I’m not there just yet but I’ve come a long way- and I can see Daddy’s blessing because of it.

I send You Love
– Hannah

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show. She posts fantastic, inspirational content on her Facebook Page Daily. You’re invited to connect with her here


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