Scraggly Numbers

No one ever walks passed the foundation site of a yet-to-be-built home and goes: “Oh what a beautiful house!” Unless they’re high on drugs and hallucinating.

Buildings in the process of construction aren’t pretty.

In fact they’re a mess especially in the early stages.

Building a business can sometimes feel the same.

When you are the visionary of a yet-to-be-built building you see the finished product. You celebrate it even though all you have so far is an empty plot of land with overgrown grass and weeds.

Many who see your empty plot will see just that – an empty plot.

When you are the visionary of a yet-to-be-built business it’s pretty much the same.

It can be really hard slog to get from the empty plot to the beautiful building – complete with amazing architecture and design, breath-taking interiors, beautiful, stretching lawns and stunning water features – NOW everyone else can see what you saw when your piece of land was just a scraggly looking plot.

And as it is with physical construction so it is with business: Keep the end in mind.

In a nutshell the process is: first plotting out on paper what you plan to build, then laying the foundation, then laying one brick at a time – taking care to pay attention to each element until what you had envisioned is complete.

One brick at a time- one customer at a time.

Don’t focus too much on who doesn’t see your vision or even who doesn’t buy your idea. You’re not doing it for them anyway.

You are doing it firstly to satisfy your own desire to create something spectacular and secondly for those who will appreciate what you’re creating.

For most of us the number of customers in the beginning might be scraggly; Most times this will be disheartening. But stick with it.

Genuinely love every customer you have. Commit to them and to making everything you do for them WOW.

While doing that keep the end goal in mind – the numbers will get better- Just as the building gets bigger and more beautiful with each brick laid.


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