God doesn’t need and Army

I couldn’t help Myself!
I just had to share an email I sent out to Ladies attending our Dream BIG Charity Event:

– Lady, Powerful Woman, YOU have been called for a time such as this!

I just had a phone conversation with Nadine Vermeulen another POW woman involved in this event, and she shared this with me:
“God doesn’t need an Army, He just needs a willing Vessel.”

I believe with all my heart that for each one of us that’s going to be at this event, there’s definitely a reason and a purpose for us being drawn to this.

Nadine was saying we might only end up with 10 women at the event- but still God will set that place on Fire!
Because it doesn’t take an army…

Ladies some of you may have felt this and I’d like to confirm that feeling if you’ve had it- I too feel a tremendous Awakening happening in South Africa.

Despite ALL the negative press out there AMAZING people are rising up ALL over this country- People with a heart for others- People who are changing the landscape of this country and because of their hearts I can tell you the Destiny of South Africa is very VERY bright.

Women just like you and me are starting stuff- I think of my wonderful friendsElungile Mzimba (Masiqaqambe Founder) and Jennifer Swanepoel(Gemstones Founder) who head the organisations we’re supporting through this September 27 event-
They are moms like most of us- with regular lives and their own personal struggles- but they decided to look beyond themselves and ask: Who can I empower!
And through this event we’re raising our hands with them to be a part of their awesome dreams that are playing a BIG role in the incredible rising our amazing country is going through.

BIG because like Machtild Brenholc says: “Can you imagine what happens when one person changes the way they think and they live different? Think of all the people they impact?”

The question to each one of us dear friends is not: “How amazingly talented and capable are You?” The question my sister my friend is: “How Willing are You?”

One of my friends recently adopted her first child.
He’s in his twenties and some may instantly judge and say:”That’s a GROWN MAN! What are you doing?”
But see how this young man’s life has changed- for the first time in all his 20something odd years someone is showing him unconditional love.
Someone is saying to him: “You will not live willy-nilly however you want because I LOVE You and You will NOT Waste your life on my watch!”

My friend is revolutionising this young man’s life.
After 20odd years of wandering he now has a Mom and through her love he is healing.
One life changed- who else will my Friend’s Son impact?

I’m realising more and more that we never outgrow the need to be loved and cared for.

Our Dream BIG TV Show has opened my eyes to the incredible people in SA who live their lives with such an awareness of how they can bring about change. Ordinary people doing seemingly small yet powerfully incredible things.

Among them Helena Otto who’ll be speaking at the event- Dream BIG interviewed her last week.
I said to her, “Helena people ask me where do I find all these people with incredible stories!”
She answered: “But that’s just it Hannah- we are EVERYWHERE!”

And Yes we are! You and Me.

Nadine was just telling me that we really are history makers.

You may feel I’m putting a heavy burden on You saying all these things- but let me tell You there is NOTHING ordinary about You.
I cannot believe in an Extraordinary Mind-Blowing God making beings that are just Blah! If He made You You are rocking! And You are carrying some INCREDIBLE stuff.

So here’s to You Gorgeous Woman!

I’m sending You Love!

Hannah –


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of The Dream BIG TV Show

Dream BIG airs every Wednesday at 7pm on Cape Town TV, DSTV Channel 263

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