A Lesson from the Soccer World Cup

So here’s something soccer fans will totally get.
Have you seen how the most brilliant Strikers hardly get breathing space?
The other team’s players are all over them like brown on rice!
Why? Because the other team knows that give an awesome player even a moment to blink and they’ll score!
So here’s what I’m learning right this very moment- if you’re going through stuff that doesn’t make sense…and at every turn you feel as though you’re under HEAVY attack- here’s why: YOU are like that awesome soccer player!
The enemy knows if he gives you just one moment to breathe You’ll Score!
But don’t worry, You’ve GOT the Greatest Player of ALL time on your side. Jesus. With Him You’re sure to score over and over and over…
Keep playing.
Don’t quit.
Your Victory Cup is waiting. It’s Yours for the taking!

I’m sending You LOVE!

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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