“Easy” builds nothing

I’d been asking God, “Daddy but if You gave me this project and If You are in it then why is it so hard?
“Why can’t You just fling the doors open for me and get me there already?”

I had so many “WHYs”.

Then I felt Daddy say to me, “Because¬†Hannah this is how you get stronger- this how you get built.
“If you do not face adversity and are just catapulted into success how will you know how to handle hardships and trials when they do come?
“If you don’t get this training now, you will fold when the tough times come-
“Now you know how to overcome this- and you’ll learn how to overcome that.¬†
There’ll come a time when no matter what comes you will be able to stand- because you’d have been made strong.

“Hannah My Love cannot let you just breeze through this because, if I do, you will never be able to replicate success.”

At another time I shared with a friend what I was going through and had also asked her “Why the hardships?”
She (her name is Mercy) said, “Because that is the testimony Hannah.
“You have got to be able to share with someone else “how” you did it.
“If you don’t go through it, step by step, how will you encourage someone else one day?”

So for all of you creating stuff that is meaningful and will bring about change- don’t allow the hardships to make you quit. Allow them to thicken your hide instead.

The greater the struggle the BIGGER the testimony.
Keep your eyes on the end goal!

If it was easy

Hannah Viviers is the Host and Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show.

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