What makes You phenomenal?

If I were to ask you:  What makes you phenomenal?
What would you say?
I hope you’d have a long list of wonderful things to say about You.
I’ve been invited to speak at a Women’s Day event themed “Phenomenal Women” on August 9.
I’ll be sharing on what makes each of us so spectacular.
My hope is that what I plan to share with you will push you further on your path to realising your dreams and ambitions.
I’m hoping it’ll fan the flame that burns in you to make a difference and share with the world something that will bless us.
You’re already phenomenal. Let’s tap into what you’ve got and celebrate your reason for being!
P.S. Please contact the organiser Mandisa Moropa (mandy.moropa@gmail.com) if you’d like to attend.
More details in the invite she put together below.
phen woman invite

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