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In previous posts I mentioned a fantastic book I’m reading on how to handle our children’s toddler years. It’s called Happiest Toddler on the Book by Dr Harvey Karp. I highly recommend it.

Anyway we’re at a place with our fifteen month old where it feels like a constant battle of wills.

To deal with tantrums one of the things the author recommends is to pay our child more attention, to genuinely seem interested in what he gets up to and to engage in dedicated fun time with him. Sounds easy enough but it’s not always easy – and boy can it be time consuming.

Most of my days are filled with the following pleas to my son: “Please stop that!” or “No you can’t put that in your mouth!” or “Get off there you’ll hurt yourself!” or “Seriously you’re going to do that now!” “Pick that up!” “Put that down!” Someone help!!!!!

But I tried Dr Karp’s advice. And instead of the usual war of wills with my little guy I experienced a calmer child who genuinely seemed happier.

And in a nutshell I guess this confirmed to me what most of us already know: the need for validation is vital.

I don’t know about other parents but being mom, while right at the top of my priority list, isn’t my only role. I have a gazillion other things calling for my attention. There are times when my son has to accept that he cannot have my complete attention all the time. And that does not make me a bad mom.

But even in those moments when my attention is turned toward something else – it’s vital my son know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that I love him. And it’s vital he also know that my time away from him is temporary. Soon I’ll be back chasing him around the house – playing all sorts of games that make him giggle with glee.

And so my friends here’s how this translates to how we do business – it’s not possible to constantly pamper our customers – to give them undivided attention at all times – business is such that there are other demands on our time.

But it’s what we do when we have the opportunity to wow our customers that matters. We can choose to make them feel loved and cared for and that they really do matter.

In those opportunities we have to make them giggle with glee we need to throw ourselves in whole heartedly. Just like a child knows when we’re not being honest, our customers know when we’re faking it.

There’s a child in all of us that never ever grows up. C’mon you know what I’m talking about.

I’m almost certain we’ve all seen grown folks, both men and women (some even grey) throw tantrums so violent you can barely make out what they’re saying they’re so mad – all because of poor customer service. 

We all have that child in us who wants to be validated and shown she’s cared about.

At times that child needs undivided attention. She needs her concerns to be handled with genuine interest and for crying out loud she needs to be engaged in a bit of fun every now and then!

It’s amazing what life lessons raising our children bless us with. The wise entrepreneur does well to take note and when we can, we need to love our customers in the way the child inside us wants to be loved.

It is time consuming. But it sure is worth it. 

A happy customer might be back. But a giggling one is our best advertising. They’ll be back – with friends and family and colleagues and acquaintances… 


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