An ode to Seth

I chose “ode” cos I like the sound of it – but this is not really an ode in the strictest meaning of the term.

But I really do want to thank Seth Godin on my blog.

He’s fantastic and after reading The Dip  and consequently plunging and doing what I needed to do to be joyful – I was overwhelmed by the gift he is to people like me.

…what really sets superstars apart from everyone else is the ability to escape dead ends quickly, while staying focused and motivated when it really counts.


I started reading Seth’s stuff last year and it’s incredible the impact his work has had on my journey to living my dream.

In a world where so many seem to take take take – and then take some more – it is SO refreshing to meet someone who gives so cheerfully. In turn it’s difficult to not follow suit.

Even if you never buy his books – you can find a ton of free stuff online that I dare say will impact your life – that’s how generous he is. And yet I buy as much of his stuff as I can get my hands on because everything I have of his so far is utterly worth it.

Every now and then I think it worthwhile to take a moment and thank those who have, and continue, helping us along as we journey.

Thank you Seth!

I’m sending you Much Love and wish you and all you love so dearly health and all the wonderful things that make life worthwhile.

Thank you for the gifts. You truly are a blessing.



P.S. I ordered  The Dip from Kalahari. I’ve found their service is usually the fastest in SA when getting literature that might not always be readily available in book stores. 

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