Unlocking Your Unique Entrepreneurial Code

Most of us have been thrust into orphanages without even knowing it.

In fact the bulk of the world is one massive orphanage characterized by cruel child labour.

A while ago I wrote a post called Programmed to Fail.

In it I highlighted the way we’re groomed and brain washed from a very young age to Disown our Power. So we fail to realise just how potent we truly are.

Recently I’ve been speaking about Entrepreneurial DNA. Entrepreneurial DNA is the unique coding, specific to each individual, that was written by God in every human being’s make-up.

Entrepreneurial DNA is as a part of you and me as our fingerprints and every other physical part we see of ourselves.
Entrepreneurial DNA is as a part of you and me as our fingerprints and every other physical part we see of ourselves.

It’s the drive to create something spectacular- do something significant and make an impact on this world..

So here’s where the robbing begins.

From a very young age most people are told how to think, how to speak, how to act, how to be, how to feel, “how to” a million other things that are not necessarily who they truly are.

A lot of children, wherever they turn, are being brainwashed into subservience instead of being taught how to rule.

It was Never God’s Plan

We live in a world that says “We have to have poor people for things to work. We need employers and employees. We need wealthy rulers and poverty-stricken servants.”

That is evidence of a fallen world. It was never God’s plan. And it goes against everything The Scriptures say about how God created Man, every Man and Woman, in His image.

When He walked this earth Jesus, our King and Creator, was both Servant and Ruler. He is Ruling now and yet He continues to Serve us.

We have so twisted the notion of serving that it’s seen as a lowly act.

And so people who rise to various forms of leadership, sometimes abuse the people under them, even oppress them so that those people never reach their full potential.

Those leaders don’t realise that they too are still servants and one of their “serving” duties is to empower the people under them to also rise. And continue that powerful, Godly, Cycle.

For a significant part of his life David served (which is what “servant” means). He looked after sheep for his dad. Then he served King Saul and then he served as King of Israel.

And yet this fallen world has banished all the people it can to not grow in their level of servanthood- but has instead brainwashed them to believing their serving should always be tied to poverty and lack!

What are we Really made up of?

Your genetic make-up, and mine, are determined by decades, centuries and even millennia of genes. All of which can be traced back to Adam and Even who can be traced back to the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

Even that truth has been robbed from many people! Millions of dollars are dedicated to compelling us to believe that our genetic make-up can be traced back to some single cell organism that just POOF! Happened one day!

For years scientists have tried to understand our medical, psychological and psychiatric dispositions by exploring genetics.

If you’re tall or short, that’s determined by your genes.

The colour of your hair, skin, eyes, bone structure, hair texture are all determined by your genes.

Now they tell us that even our temperaments, conditions like addiction, certain behavioural dysfunctions (or even excellence) are determined by our genes.

This pic is taken from an article about how Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors
This pic is taken from an article about how Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors. Click here for Full article.

Some athletes might even be said to have have the unfair advantage over others based on their genetic make-up.

And yet when it comes to who we truly are- which is the part of us that will go on into eternity, our Spiritual DNA, the world tells us that, that, is a matter of opinion and we cannot state this reality as we can other “realities” about our physical make-up.

God has encoded in each one of us an incredible Purpose

That purpose is directly linked to our Spiritual DNA which is directly linked to the One from Whom that DNA comes from: God.

But we’ve been told to not enter God into our equation.

Entire nations have removed God from every part of their existence to “honour” things that deny who we truly are: Spiritual Beings who can only understand our most essential make-up by connecting  with Whom our Spiritual DNA comes from: God.

The Scriptures are full of High Profile individuals who recognised their Spiritual DNA

They were wealthy businessmen and women, they were Prophets and Leaders, they were Kings and Queens.

The only reason their stories made it into the Bible was because they discovered who they were in their Father, God, and they lived out who He encoded them to be.

If we cannot be cheated into believing that we belong to God, then we’re robbed from living in true Spiritual Power by believing that the only people that Share God’s Love and Message of Redeeming Grace are the people we’ve labelled as “spiritual”: Prophets, and pastors, evangelists and missionaries. The rest of us are on the outside just cheering The “super-spiritual” on.

That is a lie. And without even realising it most of us have been Robbed in the BIGGEST way Possible!

Whatever God has called You to do- He’s calling you to do it in honour of your unique Entrepreneurial DNA that He Himself encoded in You

Your great idea, your business, your heart for a non-profit organisation that could impact the lives of others, are all Godly pursuits that are no less spiritual than a missionary who dedicates every moment of their lives spreading the Gospel.

Your Business is a call to serve and to answer questions and problems this world so desperately needs solved.

You may wonder: But how can what I love doing impact someone else’s life?

Quit asking yourself and others that- Ask The Father from which your Entrepreneur DNA comes from. You’ll be amazed at what He’ll show You.

Jesus’ work on the Cross was so complete and the depth of it something we might never fully comprehend.

God was so protective of Your Spiritual and Entrepreneurial DNA that He foresaw that you’d be robbed of it and made a Way to get Your Stuff back! Jesus got it back for You!

It doesn’t matter how long You’ve lived not believing in Your ability to do Great things- the Price for you to be Awesome and Successful has already been paid.

The orphanages I spoke of earlier…

Those are spiritual orphanages. Created by the Lie that we’re Fatherless and come from organisms that didn’t even look like us! We’re told we “evolved”.

That’s a Lie! With a Capital L

There’s a part of our being that we cannot see in the mirror. A part of us that looks just like our Father God. That part can only be seen in Prayer and time with Our Dad- the One from Whom the most important part of us comes from: Daddy God.

There are entire Movements that work tirelessly to prevent us from calling God our Father, our Dad.

Movements that want us to believe we’re orphans with no belonging.

Some of those movements were inflicted on us through painful experiences that robbed us of what the Title Father truly means because we only ever experienced that title in twisted and warped ways.

But there is a Greater Movement!

He’s called Jesus. And He came to restore what was taken.

We are children of the King. And yet we’ve been labouring under harsh masters in work that has robbed us of our health, our joy, our emotional well-being, time with our families and a life that’s truly worth living! Why? Because we haven’t recognised and owned our True Entrepreneurial DNA!

Business educators teach us about economics, balance sheets, marketing and all the things that are useful in business and yet they don’t teach on this most crucial element: Our Entrepreneurial DNA.

It cannot be ignored!

Your Breakthrough does not come from mentors, or investors or savvy business partners- all those things are great and useful- but the Real Breakthrough- the one you REALLY need can only come from decoding your inner genetic make-up and understanding what God encoded in your Spiritual and Entrepreneurial DNA.

It is absolutely God’s will for You to go ahead with Your Great Idea and Build something Spectacular. Success is encoded in Your DNA!



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