Lovin’ Bloggin’

If you don’t have a blog you need to start one – like today – like now.

A few years ago I watched something about a guy in the US who would travel across the country – stop at random places – pick up the city or town’s phone book – pick a random page- then point out a random person – call them – ask to go their house and if he did get invited he would go and here’s the point: every time and I mean every single time he went to someone’s home they had a story to tell. And not just any story but a remarkable story to tell.

He illustrated that every single person has something to say- something amazing to share.

The internet has done remarkable things for us – it’s an insult to it’s ingenuity to not take advantage of it.

One of the bloggers who has inspired me exponentially is Seth Godin – every day he shares something with the his followers – with the world. If you go to his blog he tells you that his blog will change your life – I have to say it’s changed mine.

I tell people my blog will inspire them and I believe it does.

What will your blog do?

I was listening to a food blogger on the radio the other day. Listening to her share her love for food was delicious.

On mommy24.com, a site I started as a blog, I share stuff that is sometimes hugely personal not because I want to live my life in the open but because some times the power to effect change is far more important than the need to be anonymous.

My brother is an excellent marketer – for years he has been talking about starting a fantastic project I believe has the potential to revolutionise the businesses he offers his idea to – years later that project is still just talk – if only he could start somewhere – if only he could start with a blog…

One of my friends is mad about cars – if you ever need someone to sell your car – give this girl a ring – she has this thing I can not help but call magic touch when it comes to wording car sales – she has sold cars for all of us who are her friends – why she doesn’t have a blog and start a multi-million dollar online business I can not tell you…

My own husband- oh goodness! He is an incredible artist – he did an amazing project that blew me away and when he exhibited his work – his was among many artworks on show but people who saw his work could not leave – so overwhelmed by his 50 painting project were they that they just could not walk away- why he doesn’t blog and share his love for art- I cannot tell you…

One young woman I know only through work and is a facebook friend is the wittiest person I know – her humour is incredible – sometimes I visit her page just to get a chuckle – why she doesn’t have a blog and share her genius is beyond me…

The amazing thing about blogging is no longer do you have to look for media platforms to express your love and passion for something – you can do it all on your own – on your  terms! Heck people are making a sweet  living from blogging!

You don’t have to do it for money- but isn’t there anything you love or are so passionate about you want to share with us?

Don’t even get me started on some of the awesome businesses I’ve come across that don’t have a web presence let alone a blog…

I could go on and on… but I won’t-

All I’m saying is for crying out loud get off your arse and bloody well start a blog!

P.S. blogs are free to set-up so blah with excuses….

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