Super filling Tangy Chili Veg Stir Fry

The name is mouthful but so is the flavour.

I’m not specifying ingredient amounts in this recipe as you can use as much or as little of each as you need.

You’ll Need:


Fresh Ginger, garlic and chilies


Spring Onions

Green Beans


Green Peppers (can also use red, yellow or a combination)

Fresh Whole Lemon (squeezed in at the end)

You’ll also need:

Grated Carrots and Tomatoes

Coconut Oil (If using oil)

Season with ground black pepper and salt (along with your own favourite spices)

How to:

If not using oil for this recipe: Add all ingredients in a large pot, season, cover with a lid and allow to simmer for 8 minutes. The veggies should release their own liquids- if this liquid is not sufficient add a few table spoons of water and let the veggies gently simmer.

If using oil (Preferably Coconut or Palm Oil):

Lightly fry onion (do not include spring onions just yet)

When onions begin to brown add mixture of chopped garlic, ginger and chilies. Fry for 30 seconds. (Garlic burns easily so do keep an eye on it).

Add all ingredients along with preferred spices.

Fry for no longer than 3 minutes.

Remove from heat and serve.

I prefer to place a wedge of lemon on each dish I plate-up as individuals may want varying levels of tang/sour.


This veg stiy fry is pretty filling on it’s own; However you’re welcome to include a small portion of organic chicken strips.

Season chicken strips with ground coriander, salt and black pepper. Prepare separately.

When chicken strips are done add them to the already-made stir fry.

You can also add pineapple to the veg stir fry (with or without the chicken)

If adding chicken it’s best to not also add a starch.

Starch accompaniments to the veg stir fry (if not adding chicken):

This veg stir fry can be eaten on its own. If you’re detoxing for health purposes rather don’t include a meat protein. For a more filling meal include a whole starch such as whole boiled Potato (with skin on), Brown Rice, Roasted Sweet Potato, Butternut, or Sorghum Pap*

*Pap (called Nshima or Nsima in Zambia, Sadza in Zimbabwe and Ugali in Kenya and Tanzania), is traditionally made from maize meal. It’s polenta-like and has many different names across the African continent where it’s a staple for millions. While Pap may have tremendous health benefits, most nutrients are stripped through refinement (as is the case with most store bought maize meal). Pap made from whole ground maize meal can be used with this dish (as long is it has not been refined). Most store bought maize meal is highly refined which is why I prefer to use whole ground sorghum which is also gluten free.

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The Beautiful Series Event

Welcome to The Beautiful Movement!

We at Dream BIG have put together something truly beautiful for women come October 1, 2016.

It’s all about empowering YOU, the remarkable woman, to own your Beauty and by so doing enjoy the fullness of your Power and Purpose.

This movement began from our desire to see women break free of the lies of the enemy! And, walk in the greatness God uniquely designed each of us with.

Speaker line-up for the event:

CEO of the SABC Foundation and award winning motivational speaker, Iris Cupido.

“I could spend life feeling sorry for myself for the abuse I’ve suffered, but I’m too busy tapping into the greatness within me, and that same greatness is also within you”.

– Iris Cupido

Iris Cupido 380

Writer and Entrepreneur, Tertia Butler

“All my life people’s labels crippled me. I want to share  my own story of triumph over tragedy, and how I transformed myself from victim to victor.”

– Tertia Butler

Tertia Butler edited bigger 2
Tertia Butler


Ashika Ramparsad, Clarins SA:

“I’ve been through abuse no one should ever go through. But I survived. And I’m here. Now I’m at the best place I’ve ever been because, finally, I’ve found who I am.”

– Ashika Ramparsad

Ashika Ramparsad
Ashika Ramparsad

Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV ShowHannah Viviers

“It’s not just about lipstick and nail polish. It’s WAY more! It’s about unlocking our power and unleashing the greatness within.”

– Hannah Viviers

Hannah Bright Red Laugh edited for blog Beautiful Series
Hannah Viviers


Rico Viviers, Graphic Designer and Creator of the 50 Painting Project (Oh! And Hannah’s heartthrob…)throbbing heart icon made smaller

“Women are the most beautiful of God’s creations, but there’s an ongoing assault on that beauty. It’s resulting in women unknowingly losing their power.”

– Rico Viviers

Rico my beautiful made bigger
Rico Viviers


What The Beautiful Series Event is all about

Every woman is Beautiful.

Some however, have gone through various things that have resulted in them forgetting how spectacularly beautiful they are.

A hard life. Poverty. Loss. Abuse. Failure. Rejection. Neglect. Divorce. Rape.

There are so many things- yet they all come for one purpose and one purpose only. To cripple us so that no matter how we try- we’re stuck. Unable to live our lives to the full. Unable to break through.

The assaults come to kill the beauty in each one of us. To cause us to think less of ourselves than the amazing we were created to be. To rob us of our worth and instead replace it with something so far from beautiful we no longer know who we are.

And yet, despite all that, the message to us is:

“Thou art all fair my love, there is no spot in thee”.

– Song of Solomon 4:7

If you’re ready to shake off the lies- and walk in the beauty that you truly are then we’re inviting you to join us.

Invite your girl friends, sisters, moms, even colleagues.

When: October 1 ,  2016, 11am-2pm

Where: 3 Cedar Road, Bryanston (Sandton)

Tickets: R150 per person

Deposit to:
The Beautiful Series Event Banking Details

For more info pop us an email at or  Call us on: 073 312 6242

Don’t just build a business…

Seth no meetings

It was Jonathan Fields that coined the term “Don’t just build a business, Build a life…”

I remember being introduced to Jonathan by my all time favourite author and marketer Seth Godin (I SO encourage you to watch their discussion Here)

Life’s hard.

As a mom of three kids I understand, now more than ever perhaps, the absolute necessity of earning an income. But I also believe as we live each day it’s absolutely crucial to work toward not just building a career or a business but building a Life…
While Seth writes and speaks about living your truth, bringing your gifts and talents to the marketplace, he’s also the first tell you to not quit your job… because it pays the bills. Instead of quitting your job to free up “more time” for your business ventures he advises that you rather be super vigilant about your time.

When I was studying Social Media Marketing one classmate spoke about how she didn’t have the time to do all the work we were being given- “Oh show me your schedule and I bet you I can free up at least five hours in your week!” Our mentor answered.

When you make the decision to pursue your dreams understand that Time is your most precious resource.

Here are a few things that are helping me:

1. Write down the Dream- in absolute detail

2. Draw up an action plan to make that Dream come true complete with timelines (provide actual dates)

3. Break your action plan into bite sizes giving yourself GO LIVE times i.e. the time which a plan should be executed by

4. Have a to-do list every single day and work toward achieving the to-do’s on your list.

5. Cut out busy activities that drain your productivity and waste precious time

Your job right now may be a means to an end- a much needed avenue to pay the bills- that’s fine, wise even. But please don’t shelve your dream.

Your business… at the moment you might be living from one sale to another and doing just what you can to stay afloat- I get that- boy! do I get that… but please don’t shelve the dream. Don’t abandon the real reason you started this venture in the first place.

Don’t just build a business… build a life.

I send you Love,

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Hannah Viviers is the Host and Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show

The Number One Reason Entrepreneurs Fail

Failure is absolutely normal. It happens. To everyone. It’s an event. Or a series of events. But failure is not who you are. The moment You believe that You are a failure you’re done. The End. And we’ll probably never hear from you again.

One of the most crucial attributes of successful people is that they are confident.

If you don’t have confidence You might as well call it quits.

Having confidence in your abilities is not enough. Anyone who’s been trained and has enough experience in their work is confident about their abilities.

But confidence in self isn’t something many have. Even some of the most excellent people at their jobs lack self-confidence.

True self-confidence is not just about what you can do. It’s about believing in who you are.

Confidence, like most skills, can be learned.

Some of the things that build self-confidence include:

Putting yourself out there more.

Stop running way from trying new things because you’re afraid you’ll fail.

Raise your hand for challenging tasks.

GET OUT of environments and relationships that erode your self-confidence!

Stop using vocab that limits you and your potential.


Failing is hard. And sometimes extremely difficult to get over.

But it’s like that saying goes, “The only people who don’t fail are those who do nothing.”

Entrepreneurs don’t fail because of lack of money or support or anything other reason we often quote- Entrepreneurs fail because their self-confidence takes knocks some are unable to recover from. Then it’s Game Over.

The number one reason Entrepreneurs fail is a lack of self-confidence.

Confidence says, I have something incredible people need. I’m the one to give it to them. And charge for it.

There are a host of people who desperately need you. They need what you have and they need who you are.

Believe in You. And Prosper.

Michael Jordan Quote I've failed over and over

Much Love,



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Simple Guide to a Fab Business Plan

Simply and Briefly Answer these Four Questions:
1. What do I want to do?
2. Why do I want to do it?
3. Who do I want to do it for?
4. How will I do it for them?


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Extreme Adventurer Riaan Maanser on what makes Him Successful

Many times Riaan Manser has risked his life to achieve an insane goal:

On His first EXTREME Adventure Riaan rode around the entire circumference of Africa on his bicycle.
On His first EXTREME Adventure Riaan rode around the entire circumference of Africa on his bicycle.

He’s had a few other Crazy Adventures in-between which you can read about here.

I’d interviewed Riaan for SABC 3 when he returned from his Around Africa trip.

I had the fab pleasure of interviewing him again for my Dream BIG TV Show, after him and his girlfriend Vasti Geldenhuys rowed almost eleven THOUSAND kilometres, in treacherous waters, from Morocco to New York.

At one point they capsized. It was a GRUELING journey, but they didn't give up.
At one point they capsized. It was a GRUELING journey, but they didn’t give up.

Below is the Dream BIG TV Show Interview we had with Riaan.

In this interview he spoke about some practical steps that make him successful despite the insane challenges he faces during his adventures.

What he shared inspired us tremendously, it was aired on Cape Town TV, we’ve shown it at companies where we’ve been asked to give talks, so today, I thought to share it with you.

Much Love,



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The hardest things to achieve are often the Greatest

When I was a little girl, I used to spend hours playing characters I’d seen on TV.

There was one particular role I enjoyed most: co-host on one of the kiddies programs I thoroughly enjoyed. Years later I’ve managed to live part of my life long dream to work in TV. But my dream has not been fully fulfilled just yet.

Have you ever reached a place in your life that feels as though you might never truly live your dream?

Things get tough and the harder you work the harder it seems to get?

I know what that feels like. I know what it feels like to want something so badly your belly aches.

The dream is so vivid and so real there are times the Right Now doesn’t matter- you’re lost in that place where you’re living your dream- it’s so real you can taste it, you can feel your feet walking down the corridors of this splendid dream- and then it’s almost as though reality strikes and you’re brought back to now. Back to the place where your dream is still only in your mind. And, getting to where you want to seems miles and decades away.

What I’d like to say to you today is don’t stop dreaming. As often as you can, go to that place in your mind where everything around you is as you always wanted. And when you come back to “reality” get to working on your dream.

No matter how far away they may seem there is no reason your ambitions won’t come to pass.

Through my Dream BIG TV Show I’ve come across people who beat insane odds to make it. They didn’t do it just hoping that one day things would work out for them- they stepped out and did. One thing at a time. One day at a time.

God loves you way too much to give you instant success. It would destroy you.

There’s wisdom in you going through the ranks, taking one step and then another and then another.

One day you’ll be able to tell others your story. You’ll be able to share your testimony and it will elevate a multitude of people who want to give up because it’s hard.

Of course it’s hard. That really is why not everyone’s doing it. But you are. And you should.

One day dear friend the dream that is in your heart and head now will be your new reality. And you’ll have bigger and MUCH wilder dreams- WAY BIGGER than you can even fathom now.

Don’t ever stop believing, because the hardest things to achieve are often the Greatest.

Much Love,


If it was easy everyone would do it


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Are Labels Holding You Back?

Many of us buy items we grew up using.
Such as the brand of toothpaste, or dishwashing liquid- the type of mayonnaise or the car we think is best-

Growing up I thought Toyota was the best and most reliable car on the planet.
Then in 2009 Toyota made a Worldwide Recall of some it’s cars. I was dumbfounded. Because how could the brand I’d trusted all my life have made a mistake? And one SO Big?

I was a grown woman and yet my reaction was still being influenced by my parent’s love for Toyota coupled with decades of hearing what a reliable brand Toyota was.

On the flip side of things I’ve always thought Fiat was a rubbish car.

My parent’s first car was a fiat. It gave them endless problems and to this day, over thirty years later, my mom still expresses her utter distaste for Fiat.

For the longest time I believed this about Fiat too.

Lately I’ve noticed a few on the road I quite fancy and, truth be told, I wouldn’t mind owning one of those babies.

Fiat 500L
Now here’s a Fiat I’d be VERY happy owning!


So here’s the point of my car story: brands matter. Labels matter. A lot.
What we grow up believing of anything sticks with us. Those childhood labels are not easy to let go of.

In the same way we view labels and brands, we may have inner beliefs about ourselves that are just as solid. Some are good- others are dangerous.

Sometimes the labels are given to us by others- sometimes the labels are a result of our own personal experience.

For instance, if we tried many times and failed, we may begin to form an inner label that says we’ll never succeed at that thing we failed at.

Sometimes the label of failure in one area of our lives seeps into everything else we do, and everything else we are.

Last year, I believed there was tremendous breakthrough waiting for people in this year. But I also felt that breakthrough was not going to be easy.
Those who want it- who want to operate at a new level of AWESOME are going to have to break some molds they’ve been stuck in and move into what they were destined for.

There’s a Win inside You.
In fact there are many wins.

But to live what you envision you’ll have to be that person.
Who do you have to be to achieve what’s on your heart?
Until you believe that about You it’s going to be hard to achieve what you want to.
Check your labels- if you don’t like what they say about You, get rid of them and create the stuff of Powerful brands in your inner being.

Much Love,


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Dream BIG Manifesto

This is for the Dreamers. The ones who start stuff. The World Changers. The Lovers who inspire. The channels of hope that compel us to fly.

This is for the radicals. The darers. The ones who forge paths where few dare to explore. The Warriors who know that every champion gets hit- it’s the getting up and staying in the game that wins.

This is for the Reachers. The ones who know the stars are not out there but inside them. The ones who live for a calling greater than human ears can hear.

This is for the jumpers. The ones who’d rather take uncertain jumps and fly for just one moment than live wondering, “What If?”

This is for the Creators. The ones who don’t wait for change but make the change we need.

This is for the ones who cannot be tamed. The ones who cannot be contained.

This is for the crazy! The bizarre! The magicians that bring us WOW! The ones who cannot stop. The ones who dance to their own rhythm. The ones who show us the beauty of living.

This is for the Game Changers. The Impacters. The ones whose hearts are so focused on their Destiny no set back can hold them down.

This is for the ones who don’t give up. Who keep going against staggering odds.

This is for the Dream BIGGERS! The ones who inspire us to reach beyond ourselves and bring to life what we’ve always dreamed.

Dream ON DreamBIGGERS! Dream ON!

Join the Dream BIG Movement Below for Inspiring Stuff, Fuel to keep Your Passion burning and Amazing Stories of BIG Dreamers just like You.

Dream BIG Logo

Quit Asking God for Money!

That’s far too short-sighted.
God not only wants to bless you with money, He wants you to create Your Own Money Printing Machine: A Successful Business or Career.
So quit asking God for money and ask Him to show You how to create wealth instead.
Money doesn’t last. Wealth of Knowledge does.

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