Are Labels Holding You Back?

Many of us buy items we grew up using.
Such as the brand of toothpaste, or dishwashing liquid- the type of mayonnaise or the car we think is best-

Growing up I thought Toyota was the best and most reliable car on the planet.
Then in 2009 Toyota made a Worldwide Recall of some it’s cars. I was dumbfounded. Because how could the brand I’d trusted all my life have made a mistake? And one SO Big?

I was a grown woman and yet my reaction was still being influenced by my parent’s love for Toyota coupled with decades of hearing what a reliable brand Toyota was.

On the flip side of things I’ve always thought Fiat was a rubbish car.

My parent’s first car was a fiat. It gave them endless problems and to this day, over thirty years later, my mom still expresses her utter distaste for Fiat.

For the longest time I believed this about Fiat too.

Lately I’ve noticed a few on the road I quite fancy and, truth be told, I wouldn’t mind owning one of those babies.

Fiat 500L
Now here’s a Fiat I’d be VERY happy owning!


So here’s the point of my car story: brands matter. Labels matter. A lot.
What we grow up believing of anything sticks with us. Those childhood labels are not easy to let go of.

In the same way we view labels and brands, we may have inner beliefs about ourselves that are just as solid. Some are good- others are dangerous.

Sometimes the labels are given to us by others- sometimes the labels are a result of our own personal experience.

For instance, if we tried many times and failed, we may begin to form an inner label that says we’ll never succeed at that thing we failed at.

Sometimes the label of failure in one area of our lives seeps into everything else we do, and everything else we are.

Last year, I believed there was tremendous breakthrough waiting for people in this year. But I also felt that breakthrough was not going to be easy.
Those who want it- who want to operate at a new level of AWESOME are going to have to break some molds they’ve been stuck in and move into what they were destined for.

There’s a Win inside You.
In fact there are many wins.

But to live what you envision you’ll have to be that person.
Who do you have to be to achieve what’s on your heart?
Until you believe that about You it’s going to be hard to achieve what you want to.
Check your labels- if you don’t like what they say about You, get rid of them and create the stuff of Powerful brands in your inner being.

Much Love,


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