Swords Drawn!

Love Heart in Sand

I love how my husband explains the Scriptures!

The other day he shared something with me I’d never heard before.

He said the whipping Jesus endured- it’s very likely that no one would’ve survived it.

It was brutal.

Add the rest of the torture He went through right up until He died on the Cross…

Then my husband pointed me to something I hadn’t quite dug into before- he told me, “Jesus didn’t just die, He had to ‘give up’ His Spirit…”

As I pondered on my Guy’s words I thought of The Scripture where Jesus says,

“No one takes my life, I lay it down.”

In my study of the portion of Scripture just before Jesus dies, Luke is said to have written: “Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When He had said this, He breathed his last.” (Luke 23:46)

Some Bible translations, instead of ‘commit read: ‘entrust’ or ‘commend’.

However it was the Aramaic translation of this Scripture that made my heart skip a beat!

“And Yeshua called out in a loud voice and He said, “My Father, into your hands I lay down my spirit. He said this and He expired.” (Luke 23:46 – Aramaic Bible)

I’ve been taught that Bible answers Bible. So when I read the Aramaic translation, it seemed to echo word for word what Jesus had said,

“No one takes My Life, I lay it down…”

Could it be possible that Jesus kept Himself alive, supernaturally, throughout His torture and crucifixion to ensure that every debt we owed was paid?

Thousands of years before Jesus came, His death had been prophesied.

It was absolutely crucial that He died on the Cross.

Despite how brutal the torture was before He was nailed to the Cross, He couldn’t die before He’d hung on that tree- And that everything that happened while He was on the Cross did.

From being stripped utterly naked to His robe being fought over to His side being pierced- it all had to fulfill the Scriptures.

Each thing that happened to Jesus was a key to free a very specific aspect of our lives.

My husband once told me, “When they were whipping Jesus, His heart said: “More! Beat Me until I’ve paid it all!”

There’s an astounding scene in the movie The Passion where Jesus is being whipped. Each time He falls, His hands shaking, He gets up again. And again. And again.

And then His mom- watching her Son go through this asks, “My son, when, where, how will You choose to be delivered of this?”

If we don’t get that at any time during His suffering Jesus could’ve chosen to be delivered- that at any point He could’ve ended what He was going through- we inevitably lose a lot of the essence of what He did.

Oh how we miss the beauty! The power! The complete freedom Jesus made available for us!

How we miss His insane-mad-crazy passion for us! The utter dedication with which Jesus loved us, and still, does!

My husband shared with me that when Jesus was going through what He did, there were angels ready, swords drawn- waiting for just one Word from Him!

Angels? Swords drawn? Ready for…

Can you imagine it!

I went to the Scriptures to see if there was any place that mentioned this.

So imagine this… the time for Jesus to die has come.

All of Heaven knows this.

Jesus is in the garden- praying. He knows it’s time. He’s even told His disciples so.

The Scriptures say he was anguished.

Then armed men came to arrest Jesus.

Seeing what was about to happen, Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples tried to defend Jesus- pulled out his sword and cut off one of the ears of the men who’d come for Jesus.

Jesus restored the man’s ear and told Peter:

“Put your sword back in its place… Or do you think that I cannot call on my Father, and that He would send Me more than twelve legions of angels right now?” (Matthew 26:52-54 NET Bible).

‘Legion’ was a military term for a number of troops.

One legion was made up of six thousand soldiers!

Jesus was telling Peter that with just one word to His Father, He would have more than 72 000 angels at His side!

I thought about this Scripture: “…My Father…would send Me more than seventy-two thousand angels… right now!

I can only imagine that those angels being dispatched “right now” meant they were ready– fully armed- and as my husband put it: swords drawn- waiting for just one word from Jesus!

But that word never came.

Jesus chose to go through it all.

Please! Please, don’t ever let anyone, not even yourself, ever tell you that you are not worthy!

At anytime, Jesus could’ve simply walked away- but He went through every ounce of what He had to so that You could live absolutely free, forever.

If He deemed you worth that- then you really are that valuable to Him!

What’s concerning is many of us may read this and think it a “sermon” to non-believers but I think there are probably just as many believers who don’t get how valuable they are to God.

I’ve been a believer since I was 7 and yet for most of my life I didn’t get it!

My five year old son Luke loves a Bethel Music song that says:

May we never lose our wonder.

The other day he was in the kitchen with me and asked, “Mommy what happens when we lose our wonder?”

“Oh my boy!” I answered. “Then we miss everything Jesus did for us.”

I don’t know if my boy got what I was trying to say- but I guess I was answering his question for me too.

It was as though I was saying to myself, Hannah, don’t ever lose your wonder for what Jesus did.

Does holding on to that wonder make us sorrowful- walking around all apologetic and sorry? Flogging ourselves at every turn? No!

To hold onto our wonder is to respond to that love.

It’s to turn to Jesus and say, “I get what you did. And I thank you for thinking that much of me- for valuing me that much! For loving me that completely! For not dying until You had paid every ounce of debt I owed! I can live victorious in every aspect of my life because of what You did. Help me to never lose my wonder!”

I pray God would deliver us from the warped perception that we are just one of many to Jesus. That He was doing it for everyone and we, as individuals, just happened to ‘fall in the bunch’.

Do you really really believe that He loves You?

That He looks into a crowd and sees You.

That He didn’t call on His angels but rather chose to go through all He did for You. Very specifically You.

It is my belief that the reason most of us feel unloved or lonely even when we’re with people who truly love us is because we don’t tune into this.

That longing we have isn’t for love from fellow humans- it’s a hunger to experience, on a very intimate level, what it truly means to be loved by God.

We know it in our heads but many of us haven’t moved in it, breathed in it, allowed it to pulsate through our entire being!

For me:

Being awake to what Jesus did for me has made me feel all kinds beautiful.

While it’s nice to be complimented and praised- I no longer need validation from anyone- because what Jesus did for me is all the validation I need.

I used to walk around wounded- constantly feeling rejected- grasping at the man in my life to make me feel worthwhile and important…

It drained him and left me severely malnourished.

If you know me then you know that I adore my husband- but I no longer need him to constantly tell me he loves me or that I’m beautiful to feel loved or beautiful- because now I’m tuned into Jesus’ irreplaceable love for me.

I hold on to my wonder of what Jesus did and I know and I know and I know that I am loved. And that I am spectacularly beautiful.

I send you Love,



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