How To Access God’s Divine Power

I’ve been asking Daddy for Divine Strategy.
He spoke about it to me weeks ago- and now I’m seeing what happens when I trust His leading.
Daddy knows ALL things-
You’ll be in a desert but He’ll tell You where to dig for water-
There’ll be famine but He will fill YOUR House with Bread (and butter ) AND lavish you with enough to feed others too!
Where others see lack He will open up Heaven to satisfy us His babies with abundance.
The way to unleash Daddy’s Power in all we do is to Delete the picture we have of Him being this Guy on A Throne with a lightning bolt in His hand ready to strike us dead at the slightest mistake.
No Friends, This God is Like No other!
As Bill Johnson says He is the only God that lays a table for His people-
I always thought God was about us serving Him- but the Cross proved that He is ALL about serving us.
The more I see Him as my Dad- the One who cares about every aspect of my life- The more I trust His leading- The more I see His Divine Strategy executed in My life.
It’s a Blissful kind of success.
My dear Friend, You are LOVED!


P.S. I LOVE this video below. If You haven’t seen Father of Lights yet- Please do- it’ll change how You see God… Forever.


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