When to Jump?

Money. That’s one of the main reasons people feel unable to pursue their dreams.
I get that. After all it’s true, money does pay the bills-

But there’s another truth I’ve believed- it was precisely articulated by the testimony of my Pastor, Stuart Agnew, of the Tribe last night-
When God says JUMP! Trust that in Him You won’t crash to the ground- No, You’ll Fly!

Most times when people ask me whether they should quit their jobs- I usually reply:
“No. Start small. Begin working on your business while you’re working- When your own company begins to show sustainable profit then jump.”
This, I believe, is sound advice.
But when it’s God urging you to jump- my advice then is: Trust.

I’ve been hearing wonderful testimonies of people who have truly heard God and followed His lead- My have they flown!
This is not to say their journeys are easy- far from it!
But like My Pastor for instance, I can see first hand what his jump has meant, first for him and further than that for many other people. He will probably never know the Reach of his Impact- but it’s there and it’s Loud!

When it’s God leading you, where others see a fall, I pray you would see the opportunity to fly!

If we truly want to have deeply meaningful lives… If we want to experience these BIG Dreams we long for- then we need a renewed courage to Trust the voice of a God who truly loves us. And then, follow His leading.

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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