About Egypt

The story we’re told is that for forty years the children of Israel wandered in the desert. Wandered…

We’re also told that it was their inability to get Egypt out of their heads (the mentality they had adopted in Egypt) that was their demise.

I believe we’re told that story because, for the most part, we all have an Egypt inside.

I struggled to start this post because to be quite honest I didn’t know how to write it. I still don’t. But here goes…

One of the things I do in my business is to work with people to identify what their passionate about, help them connect with that and then translate all that into ventures that allow them to live a full life.

Oddly though I have been coming across people who believe the issues in their lives are the fault of everyone but them.

It’s really hard to make any kind of change in our lives unless we’re willing to change how we think and unless we’re willing to tell the truth about the state we’re in and how we got there.

I used to be amazed at people who were constantly shocked at the state of their finances until I remembered that there was a time my own finances were a mess and I blamed external factors.

My finances began to return to health when I started to change how I worked with my money and I chose to learn about handling this precious resource.

Recently I’ve also been coming across people who blame “the system” or their employer about how rubbish their work life is – or blame competitors and again the “business system” for their businesses not flourishing – and here’s what I’m learning: to walk away.

I’m a fixer (I’m working at stopping this horrible habit). I have a desperate need to fix things.

So anyway because of this trait I often found myself trying to get people out of their pits – I’ve realised though that this is an utterly futile exercise when directed at people who refuse to 1. take responsibility 2. change how and what they think.

The only difference between the people who died in the desert and those who made it to the Promised Land was their thinking.

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