Coz Talk is Cheap

It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe.
People don’t believe our great ambitions or what we “plan” to do- they believe Results.
So keep going.
Don’t worry about who’s not cheering you on- love those who are and forgive those who aren’t (and love them still).
Focus on the goal.
Give us Results.

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Is the Wrong Name taking away Your Future?

Taken from Kris Valloton’s Book The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

The devil gives us names that disempower us… Then we spend our lives playing by his rules because we believe in the wrong name.
The devil is the accuser, and he often uses other people to propagate his alias identities over us.
My first stepfather used to call me a “stupid ass” all the time. This resulted in me always feeling dumb, which really hindered my ability to learn. The name became a mental block, which manifested as a difficulty with reading. When I finished high school I only read at a third grade level.
I have met many women who were called “whores” by their fathers, then struggled with immorality their entire lives. Names can be prophetic declarations that define a person’s identity. Because people act according to who they believe they are, these lies are ultimately acted out in their behavior.
We respond to our environment according to the way we see ourselves. Words spoken to us become names that we carry in our hearts.
These names paint a portrait of us in our imagination and become the lenses through which we view our world. Sticks and stones are breaking our bones, but names are taking away our future!

The supernatural ways of royalty

It’s Time to Quit!

Quit taking EVERYONE’s temperature on whether they like You or Your work.
Stop seeking affirmation from EVERYONE about what you feel SO Very strongly You should do with your life.
All you’re doing is using other people’s opinions of You as excuses to not buckle down, work hard and do what you need to do to get what you want.

There are, maybe, only two main questions you should be asking:
1. Am I truly, absolutely, utterly, convinced that I’m passionate about this?
2. Is there a market for what I want to do?

A lot of the time the people closest to you DON’T have the answers to these questions.
So quit waiting for everyone’s “Yes”. Quit seeking popularity votes. Quit making excuses.


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What You Can do RIGHT NOW To Live Your Dreams

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of Justin Bieber’s early videos when he was just a kid- way before he got famous…

Over this past week I started a series called “Doing What You Love” on our Dream BIG TV Show Page.
What led me to do it was I’d been receiving emails from people sharing some of their frustrations with me about wanting to do what they enjoy- but they felt stuck.

Others felt FIRE in their bones but weren’t sure how to release the passion they were feeling.

Today I’m already on step number 5 of the “Doing what You Love” series. (Click here for more).

The more I share on this the more I’m thinking, I’ve got loads of Young people connected to me on social media- especially Facebook. Also Many of my FB friends have young kids who may be interested in this.

The stuff I’m sharing on this series I’ve learned over the years, it’s action steps we’ve used to grow the Dream BIG TV Show and it’s work I’m going through currently with my multi-millionaire mentor-

It’s valuable stuff I wish someone had shared with me when I was really really Young.

Everyone’s welcome to visit ‪#‎FindingYourPurposeDreamBIGTVShow‬ on Facebook for all we’re posting on this topic.

My young FB friends (especially those of you still in school) please check this out too.

Today I posted about Justin Bieber’s rise to success (Yeah I’m one of those weird old women who’s a HUGE fan of this musical genius!). Some may judge this young man for where he’s at right now- but he has INCREDIBLE work ethic even adults can learn from. Not only is he UBER talented but extremely hard working- I share some of his story on today’s post.

Moms and Dads this is stuff You’d love your kids delving into so you’re most welcome to direct them to the Page or hashtag on this series.

The post is easy to find- we’ve pinned it right at the top of our Page.

Happy Dreaming!


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Here’s why I’m SO Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The year 2014 has been something!

If I could describe my stand out theme for this year in ONE Word it would be: Learning.

My goodness have I learned a LOT this year!

Last week I was ecstatic because we reached 5000 Likes on our Facebook Page– it took us OVER a year to reach a couple hundred people- RIDICULOUS! Because I had no clue how to grow a Facebook Audience. But after learning from my mentor, various other experts in the field and figuring out Loads of stuff on my own- we got 3000 New Likes in just over a week!

[These are not “fake” Likes. These are real likes from real people who are engaging with us and our content- we are OVER THE MOON!  Please, I urge you to never fall for that “fake” Facebook Likes scam because it does nothing to build the community and client following You want.]

This year I experienced how Incredible the The POWER of learning is!

Last year, at this time, our Dream BIG TV Show was just starting out. We’d never had a TV Show of our own that we had to produce from scratch- a year later our show airs on Cape Town TV- we’ve been approached by a new DSTV Channel which wants to buy Dream BIG Episodes from us… I’ve also been asked to host a brand new Talk Show that starts on DSTV from early December…

A short while ago I hosted our first ever Dream BIG Charity Event.

Going into it we had no budget to host the function. I personally invited about 29 people to come- I was expecting about 20 people to attend- at most… but by the time of the event we had more than triple that amount! And most of the people who attended the event I didn’t even know!

Some I’d only known from social media interactions, others came because their friends or family members had invited them- ultimately though I knew only a handful of the people who attended.

We’d asked guests to bring items they could donate to Educational Outreach Program, MasQ, as well as Gemstones Teen Pregnancy Crisis Centre- PLUS we requested guests to bring a plate of eats… talk about asking too much… And yet by the end of the event we had received more gifts for each organisation than I’d dared imagined we would. We had SO much food left over it was insane how generous the women who attended the event were.

To top it all, despite having Zero budget to hire a venue, we managed to secure a cosy setting in upmarket Sandton- without paying a single cent for it!

Dream BIG Charity Event 2014: Top Left to Right: Meriam Ntsewa (compiled this collage), Meriam and Queenie Capers. Bottom Left to Right: Meriam with Yours Truly (Me 🙂 ), some of the Guests and Speakers.

I look back at what we’ve been blessed with as we come to the end of this year and two things stand out for me- the fact that two years ago I quit my job to “find myself”. It was a crazy notion to many- but I knew it was time to really figure out who I was and what I needed to do with my life. The second is I’ve learned to build relationships with people- that has been so crucial to the fruit we’re enjoying now.

If I could share one valuable tip with start-up entrepreneurs it would be this: If You want your business to grow seek to connect with people. Care deeply for the people who come across your path- you’ll be amazed how valuing relationships more than making money will bless your business. I dare say you’ll actually make more money this way!

I’m super excited about 2015 because for us it’ll be a year we hope to truly delve into helping people who have dreams they want to see happen.

Constant Learning is Essential

Had I not committed to learning new things this year- we would not be where we are right now.

Even just what I’ve learned about social media, I know, will reap huge benefits for us going forward. I cannot share enough here how this amazing platform is propelling us into realms that would’ve been impossible to operate in with the limited resources we had starting out.

For years I’d had a huge desire to help people achieve their dreams. Now as I see my own dreams coming to pass I’m excited that I’m helping other do the same. This is what I was created for. It’s exciting to know!

The Glue that holds it All Together

What I must say is none of this would be possible without God’s Love for me.

The number one thing I’ve learned this year (and continue to learn) is how to trust and utterly depend on God.

Our lives are not just about the gifts God has given each one of us. That’s only a part.

Which is why I urge you to put people ahead of money.

No matter what your gifting is- through it God will raise opportunities every day for you to bless others through your work.

Our lives are about His Kingdom and each one of us is called to share the Good News of what Jesus did for us.

I have learned that without that aspect being grafted into everything I do- it’s all pointless.

For some people there’s a lot of anxiety about what the new year will bring. Our confidence must lie first and foremost in the God who is unshakable and Loves us beyond measure.

The second is that we need to realise that a new year means we will need to move to another level of growth- expect Big things. Believe in Yourself. And if you struggle with confidence (as I do a lot of the time) ask God to help You believe in who He created You to be.

Make the time to learn as much as you can about becoming awesome at what You know you’re called to do. Your confidence will grow as you absorb knowledge and understanding about your particular field of work.

Declare victory and abundance like You’ve never experienced before for 2015.

No matter what you see right now, no matter what seems to come against You begin to move in victory- begin to see yourself operating in a whole new level of Awesome!

I don’t think 2015’s going to be an easy year because for most of us we’ll be moving into what God has for us and that never comes without opposition.

But dear friends Be of Good Cheer- our Lord and Saviour Jesus has Overcome the World.

May He teach us each moment of every day how to live and thrive in that victory.

People the world is waiting for us to release our gift and to show them the Love of our Father, Daddy God.

We are not alone in our quest.

We have each other and we have our God who is with us all the way.

Now that’s cause for Excitement!


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV ShowYou can reach out to Hannah on her Facebook Page here where she posts inspiring content and reads messages daily.

How Much do You L.O.V.E It?

Years ago I had a business I was pouring TONS of effort into yet getting very little in return.

I was desperate and in urgent need of a venture that could earn me some serious cash.
So I asked my friend Mercy: “What business can I do that would earn me money!”
She responded: “Hannah, you’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking: What business could I do that I’d be Wildly Passionate about?
Years later I see the great wisdom of her words.

That business I slaved over but was NOT excited about tanked- DUH!

It was bound to fail because my heart wasn’t in it- 

I’ve learned that no matter how much one earns in a business- if you don’t L.O.V.E it, it’s just another job- only worse because when you’re the owner much more weighs heavily on your shoulders.

Now I have a business I’m crazy about! It includes my TV Project Dream BIG.

A few days ago Mercy asked me, “How do you feel about the people you make Dream BIG for?”
“I LOVE THEM!” I responded without any hesitation!
And I do love our Dream BIGGERS!

Had I pushed to make a “success” of a business only  for the money I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as Dream BIG thrills me! And I sure wouldn’t love the individuals who make up our audience.

I’ve learned that if what we do is not founded on Love it can never bring us Joy.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.


P.S. I had the pleasure and honour of interviewing extreme adventurer Riaan Manser recently.

What a rocker guy!

Below is the second half of our interview with him.

I shared this clip at a business where Dream BIG had been asked to give an inspirational talk- Our audience was blown away by what drives Riaan- I hope it’ll bless you too!

You can watch the exciting first half of this interview here.

Waiting for a Dream to Come True

Years ago I was sitting in a TV Presenting Course- eager to go on the silver screen-
I remember our coach saying to the group: “Some of you will get there super fast,” and she snapped her fingers, “and some of you may take a little longer to get there- but you will…”
I was in the latter group – it took me a LONG time after that class to finally start my TV career.
Looking back I’m grateful for the longer way- because it taught me SO much- and it taught me that it’s worth working toward a goal even if it takes longer than you think- If you stay the course you WILL get there.

Taken at My Dream BIG Interview with Extreme Adventurer Riaan Manser
Taken at My Dream BIG Interview with Extreme Adventurer Riaan Manser

I’m taking a class now that’s doing LOADS to help me with my business- for you Dream BIGGERS out there- don’t stop Learning!
Absorb as much as you can- grab every opportunity to learn something new…

Me interviewing my friend and Serial Entrepreneur Denis Fourie during my stint at CNBC Africa
That’s Me interviewing my Friend and Serial Entrepreneur Denis Fourie during my stint at CNBC Africa

World Famous Businessman Jack Welch often said the main thing that separated his company from competitors was how much his team knew… they knew so much because they invested in learning and discovering new stuff!

I’m a traveler- I’ve learned to make peace with how long some journeys take… I’ve also learned to not give up.

Sometimes the longer route is designed that way to teach you stuff you would never learn taking short cuts-

The most INCREDIBLE thing about Learning is that it teaches you to replicate success- but even MORE than that it gives you the wisdom to teach others- The ability to do that… WOW it has made my long trips SO worth it!




Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show. She’s also a Dream BIGGER!

Born to Love

Yesterday I posted this pic on my page:

Love Beads

Something about it danced in my heart and brought me SUCH joy…

This morning I woke with the urgency of projects we needed to tackle- My husband brought me tea in bed- I was nervous about speaking with him about some of what I was thinking because we’ve been under tremendous pressure from all sides- His response was tender- and I felt safe- and ready to tackle the world!

I’m sitting at my laptop now- inspired- because I’m deeply in love: with Myself, with my life and with all that God has given me.

Often we chase for the elusive More… We need it- OH How we LONG for it!

But the More we seek is actually Love.

It’s that simple.

It’s that smile from a stranger, that hug from our children that tenderness from our lover that assures us: I see You- And You matter.


I wish we could be so honest about how much THIS is actually what we want.

It’s not the perfect house- or the six figure job- it’s not the fancy car and designer clothes- it’s Love. That thing that seems as delicate as flower petals and yet is as powerful as the seven raging seas combined.

Nothing inspires and heals and seeks and brings together like Love.

May we delve into it- Eyes shut and hearts WIDE open!

May we be freed from the fear of rejection – may the wounds flung upon us close forever… May we once again, like children straight from the womb- reach out and live every part of our lives in this most wondrous Gift: L.O.V.E.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show. Oh and she’s a hopeless romantic!

Money is NOT Your Master!

Please say out LOUD with me: Money is NOT my Master!

Again Please: Money is NOT my Master!

Because it’s not!

I’m filled with compassion and rage because I was recently woken from a trap so many of us come across far too often: The desire to have money.

Don’t get me wrong- never will you hear me say money doesn’t  matter. In the world we live in it does.

Even missionaries who are serving God in the remotest areas of this planet need us to support them financially because they need money to survive too!

Money is an every day part of life- there’s no getting away from that.

But here’s the thing- it’s extremely dangerous to be motivated  by money.

How do I know? Because, like I said, I was woken up to it just recently.

When I started Dream BIG– never in my mind was it to make money.

I started Dream BIG because of my burning desire to share this message:

God loves You. He designed You for a very specific purpose. That Purpose is a Dream You have. Please live Your Dream. Because in it you’ll experience joy. In it so many of us will be blessed through YOU!

For the longest time I fed off of the need to spread this message- Then came the time when it was no longer viable to spread the message without money coming in to enable us to do so.

So I went in to “raise money mode”.

So focused did I become in doing this that a part of who I was got lost- and with it the burning desire that had led me to start the Dream BIG Movement in the first place.

As the purpose that had once driven me begun to be overtaken by the need to make money, compromises started to creep in. Where once I’d followed God’s leading completely- I begun to toy with strategies and moves that He did not approve of.

These ideas seemed great and were utterly above board… I believed they’d turn our operations around and catapult us into the level of financial success we needed. So I began to ignore  God’s prompting and guidance.

As I followed the money trail I began to feel trapped- The beautiful Dream (I knew had come from God) begun to weigh heavily on me-

When I started Dream BIG I was completely at peace with me.

I loved my life and everything about it.

The project opened blessing upon blessing for us.

I was filled with joy every day I worked on it- but that was back then when God led me. Whatever seemed to come against us, I’d say to God: “Daddy You are the CEO of this operation. I work for YOU. So You have to sort this out for us.”

But then the need for money grew- eventually that need  became boss.

The change in management brought a slew of ailments: Stress crept in. Chaos followed soon after. I began to neglect first myself, then my family and then everything else that had once mattered and fulfilled me.

Unhappiness rushed in like a flood. Guilt moved in…

No matter how well I did I could not get over the sense of not being good enough-

Although I never doubted that God had birthed Dream BIG in me I started to resent it because of how it begun to eat at me.

I became short-tempered and snappy! Let’s not even talk about how threatened and suspicious I became… All a sign of someone moving out of God’s provision and into their own strength- it never works!

It was like a gigantic vacuum cleaner had come into my life and sapped all the beauty I’d once enjoyed!

All this begun to reflect in my body- the weight piled on like crazy because food comforted me and seemed to pacify the anxiety and strain I was going through…

Let me tell you when folks say money is a cruel master, believe them. Because it’s true.

I used to read the story of Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of food and I’d thought: “Dude how stupid can you be!”

And yet many of us do it more often that we realise.

Dear friend, what God has given You, don’t give away for any price- it’s never worth it.

God wants  you to have money. I believe He wants You to have lots of it because You’ll need it to impact lives.

What I’ve learned though is that You have to trust the way in which He sees fit for money to come. Whether it’s in business, or Church or Non-Profit- we have to move into a level of believing fully that God has got our backs when it comes to finances.

I recently published a post about reconnecting with who God designed me to be. That is crucial for anyone who wants to do anything meaningful. I encourage you to read that article here

Now that I’m back at the place where God is in control again- I can tell you that peace has poured in like a Mighty Flood!

I got my Joy back!

How wonderful it is to feel the Joy of the Lord Pumping through my veins!

Dream BIG is God’s SHOUT OUT of love to me and everyone who encounters it!

He’s called me to partner with Him on this project. It’s an exciting journey that fills me with such a thrill I can’t even tell you!

Is money important? Yes it is. But following God’s plan is far more vital. His plan has EVERYTHING you need for your venture- including money!

I pray that no matter what your situation is right now You would be released from worrying about your bank balance.

Instead of wasting all that energy planning and strategising about where your next buck or (gazillion bucks) will come from- reconnect with the God who made ALL things.

Don’t believe the lie that “making money” has to be priority for You to actually have money.

I pray freedom and liberty over You from this lie.

I dare You to let all go and trust God with your finances.

I feel to share the following…

For years I couldn’t have children. I did everything I knew how to do to conceive- My breakthrough came when I went to God and said: “You created me. You made my body. Help me! Fix me! Please!”

God’s answer to me was: “Hannah, who told you that you were broken? I created you Whole. You are NOT broken! There is nothing wrong with you!”

I didn’t understand what He meant because all the evidence said I was  broken. I did  need to be fixed.

God immersed me into His Word and showed me who He had created me to be. He revealed verse after verse in the Bible that showed me that it was  His will for me to have children! This nonsense about me being barren was a lie! And sadly I’d believed it because of the physical evidence I’d experienced.

I feel to share this part of my life with you because just like God showed me the truth about my fertility- so He wants us to know the truth about our wealth in Him!

I have two babies now. Each one proof that God created me with the full capacity to have children.

Likewise, God created us with the capacity to have money- it’s in our spirit’s DNA! Believe that truth and leave the rest to Him.

I pray you’d be released from the bondage I once experienced of being motivated by money.

Through my experience I learned that while the dream may be right if the motivation  is wrong the dream could destroy you. That’s never God’s intention when He gives us these incredible aspirations.

It’s in knowing that, that, I pray that You would be motivated by something far greater: God’s love for You. And the surety that what He’s started in You He will  be faithful to Fund  and see through right till You get to Your designated finish line.

Much, Much Love,



P.S  Here’s a beautiful song that God used to draw me back into His Love and out of bondage of worrying about our cash flow… 


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show