An important (and very personal) message from a Genius Marketer

I’ve chosen Linchpin, by Genius Marketer Seth Godin as our book club read for the month of April. This book revolutionised my… well just about everything I’d once believed of myself and my work. It’s a fantastic book whether You own your business or wish to grow your career.


What stood out from most readers who reviewed the book was that they felt as though Seth was speaking, face-to-face, specifically to them, through this book.

One reader wrote: “While reading Linchpin I looked around a few times to see if author Seth Godin was perhaps peering through my living room window to see my reaction. It really felt like he was talking to me, singling me out. How could he know how I rationalize things?”

Another wrote: “First, this is by far Godin’s most personal book in which he reveals more of his emotions and “soul” (for lack of a better term) than he has in any of his previous books…   I felt that he had written this book specifically for me. Although he and I have never met, I felt as if he were speaking to me and discussing ideas with me as if we were engaged in a face-to-face conversation.”

I recommend Linchpin to all my Personal Branding Clients because it had a profound impact on me. I believe it has the ability to do that for anyone who wants a meaningful, fulfilled life.

I usually order my books from Kalahari but whichever store you choose is absolutely fine. Just get a hold of this book!

Happy Reading!

P.S.  Once you’ve read the book let me know what your experience of it was.



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