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In “Detoxxed” I tell you how I overcame a 5 year battle with Chronic Illness and Infertility and how You can too!

You do not have to be sick.

In Detoxxed I show you how you can get your health back.

Detoxxed also includes a Detailed 7 Day Detox Plan using some of the most effective detox recipes my clients have used to overcome conditions such as Autoimmune Related illnesses, High Blood Pressure, Hormonal Problems and Various other Chronic Illnesses.

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“In order to get the body to work, you also have to get the poisons out. You have to intensively detoxify.”

– Charlotte Gerson

Hi, my name is Hannah.

Thank You for visiting my site.

Chances are if you’re here there’s a health condition You’re battling with and you’re searching for answers.

The reason I am so passionate about my work is because there was a time when that was me too.

I was terribly sick

I’d been on various treatments but nothing seemed to work for me.

When, at the age of 27, I was told I’d probably need to be on chronic medication for the rest of my life- everything in me fought that.

I did not want that to be my life.

At the time I had no idea how I was going to heal but I was determined to find a solution.

Two years later, after much searching, along with many trials and errors, I did find a solution- (I never did go on chronic meds).

It is my joy in life to help others experience the freedom and healing I did using the body’s own powerful ability to self-heal.

How my Detox Program Works

For years I spent much time thinking about all the things that came together for me to experience the complete healing I did.

There were three main things:

  • My absolute conviction that I would experience healing
  • A renewed understanding and belief about how God had created my body.
  • Physically detoxing my body from what had made and kept me sick all those years

My physical detox was a combination of:

  1. Removing the toxins from my body using coffee enemas and
  2. Replenishing my body with incredible nutrients from wholesome nutritious food.

As I mentioned earlier I tried many things to resolve my illness which included chronic digestive issues.

In all my searching, to this day, I have never come across anything as powerful as coffee enemas at cleansing the body.

So much so that Dr Nicolas Gonzales, who’d been renowned for successfully treating some of the most aggressive cancers, (even in advanced stages), had this to say about the power of coffee enemas:

“Nothing helps the liver clean out faster, more efficiently, in our experience more effectively, than coffee enemas.” – Dr Nicholas Gonzalez

I can say, with absolute conviction, that no thorough body detox is complete without coffee enemas.

This is why coffee enemas are a crucial part of my detox program.

The other important component of my physical detox was cutting out all the substances that trigger disease and I flooded my body with nutrients from good wholesome foods.

Because of the remarkable results I achieved through my own detox journey this is what I share with each one of the people I work with:

  • Belief
  • Renewing the mind about their condition
  • Physically cleansing their body of the toxins that made them ill and are keeping the sick


Through working with me on my detox program I have seen people who’ve been sick and on chronic medication for years, radically turn their health around.

I believe, with absolute conviction, that each one of us has the ability to overcome illness and disease.

My job in helping people achieve optimum health is merely to facilitate the use of tools that enable us to unlock the natural healing power of our bodies.

I have been privileged to equip my own loved ones with the knowledge I’ve learned about Body Detoxing.

From helping my husband completely heal from a terrible double infection that conventional approaches failed to resolve, to enabling my mother, who for over 21 years, had battled with life-threatening, severe, high blood pressure, normalise her blood pressure and come off her chronic pain medications.

The joy of seeing my detox work for those I love most has been a gift I never cease to enjoy.

More Results

Other individuals I’ve worked with have overcome infertility, aggressive skin conditions, ongoing digestive problems, problems arising from frustrating hormonal imbalances, chronic conditions like asthma and get rid of excess weight that oftentimes triggers disease in the body. (Read Testimonials Here).

The Power of Your Belief

I’d met a young woman who’d been told that she would never have children. She shared this with me, along with that she’d made peace with this.

I asked her: “But what do you want?” She looked at me as though to ask me if I hadn’t fully understood the condition she had.

She reminded me what she’d been told ever since she was a young girl about her condition that caused severe hormonal problems.

I let her speak and then asked her again:

“But. What. Do. You. Want?”

We spent some more time together and I shared with her my own story: How I’d been told I might never heal. How I’d been told that I’d probably never have children. But I decided that I would heal. And I would be a mom.

One day this young woman finally answered my question and she said to me: “I’d like to have a family; I’d like to have kids.”

I answered her: “Then that’s what you’ll get. Believe it and believe nothing else but that.”

Not long after that she went to see her doctor who gave her a full check up. The doctor asked her what she’d done because according to him: “Everything’s perfect!”

There were no signs of the disease that had plagued her since she was just a little girl.

I don’t have all the answers. I never claim to.

But I have seen the combination of Belief, Renewed Mind and Physical Body Detox achieve such tremendous results for people it’s my mission to share these tools to healing.

I look forward to hearing from You and journeying with You as You unlock the power of your own healing from the inside out.

DISCLAIMER: This program is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.

The recommendations provided are never to replace medical advice. Recommendations provided in my program and all accompanying material are intended ONLY as information and education and should NOT be taken as medical advice. If you’re seeking diagnoses, treatment, help and treatment for specific illnesses (medical conditions) please consult relevant health practitioners, be it a qualified natural medicine doctor (and other qualified nutrition therapists), doctor or equivalent health professional. Neither I nor the Publishers accept liability for those who choose to use my program and related material provided therein. Please consult your doctor before embarking on this program or making any changes to your diet, especially if you’re taking any medications.