You brought a miracle into my life. I should have done this a long time ago. The enema detox is addictive. Once I started on it I felt could just continue forever. It just felt like hooking up with an old buddy and we hit it off like a house on fire. The results were amazing too. Just the first time I used it, I felt lighter. I took 14 days instead of 7 and after that I paid my mother a visit. I had last seen her 3 months before. See, my mother is my worst critic, but that weekend I lost count of how many times she showered me with compliments about my glowing skin. Now, that coming from her, is worth a million dollars (U.S).

– Zinhle

“I woke up this morning without any slight headache after a 7 day Coffee Enema Detox. And I’m feeling super cool. My Blood Pressure reading is normal and I Feel so Great inside out.
“Before the detox I had chronic headaches. Every morning I woke up I needed painkillers.
“For years I’ve been taking meds for BP, but on the second day of doing Coffee Enema detoxing with Hannah I decided to not take my blood pressure tablets. On day 5, I checked my Blood Pressure and from the readings of 190/90 or sometimes almost 192 to 200/99, the nurse at Dischem Clinic who was checking me said, “Your BP is normal.”
“The machine reading was 124/74. This was the same Dischem where, not too long ago, a Sister Nurse wrote an Emergency letter, and told my daughter to not go home but to drive me straight to Helen Joseph Hospital for my admission because my Blood Pressure reading was: 200/124.
“I believe if Coffee Enema detoxing is followed carefully with a Good diet of fruits and vegetables juicing; One’s disordered life can be fixed and back to normal.”
– Jennifer

“The miracle detox! Is the only way I can describe it. I’ve never felt so healthy in my life. I literally don’t understand how I managed to live all these years without my coffee enemas. Besides flushing out all the nonsense from my body it taught me a completely different way of preparing food and how delicious “green and clean” actually is! I lost 5kgs in a one week and didn’t crave sugar at all which I previously just about lived on. Now my food journey is completely changed. Go for the detox it’ll completely change your life!”

– Meghan


It’s Hannah Viviers here.

It’s been such a joy seeing the people I’ve worked with regain their health.

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