How to turn Your BIG Idea into BIG Profits

Inspired by the responses we’ve received so far for the Survey we sent out Titled “Calling ALL BIG Dreamers” I’d like to answer a theme that has come up in almost all the responses we’ve received so far: Where to start.

A lot of the time we may have a GREAT idea but it’s the getting it done that often holds us back.

My way of dealing with this is: Just start. Don’t over-think just do one thing and go with it.
The very first place to start is getting in touch with Like-Minded people.
The way to do that is so super duper easy you’ll kick yourself if you’re not already doing it: Post A LOT about what you’re interested in on your social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN etc.
One of our survey respondents said they were most interested in healthy and sustainable living and hoped to one day open their own business geared toward this.

I can’t give details about their idea as I don’t have permission to do so, but I know there’s a huge, HUGE, market in this particular space they want to get into.

So what should their first step be? Start posting a lot on their social media platforms about healthy living.

Let me give you an example using one of my own interests.
I’m BIG on detoxing. In my mind, detoxing is THE number one cure/prevention/best thing EVER!
If I wanted to open a detox type business I would post things about the benefits of detox.
I would give a list of common ailments people may be struggling with (such as constant fatigue, bloating and insomnia)  and what foods they could cut out of their diet that would INSTANTLY make them feel better.

For instance some researchers believe that there could be a strong connection between intolerance to gluten (mostly found in wheat, barley, rye and oats) and insomnia.

So on my social media platforms I might post something like:

Could GLUTEN be keeping You Awake?

Could gluten be keeping You awake?

Then I’d give a bit more info on this.

I could also post pictures of juicy slices of fresh paw paw (which is one the best detox foods one could eat).
I’d share pics of GORGEOUS skin and give a few tips on how to cleanse and tone using natural products such as olive oil and honey.

One of my fave detox juices is pawpaw and pineapple. It’s DELICIOUS and best taken as a breakfast smoothie. I’d share such easy (quick) healthy recipes.

Pic taken from Jeyashri's Kitchen
Pic taken from Jeyashri’s Kitchen

I’d post beautiful glasses (or bottles) of water and write one liners such as: “The number one ingredient for younger looking skin”.

I would post pics of me or a friend working out and write one line like: “My happy time” 🙂

Some of my status updates would read something like:
“Did you know that sunshine is a natural aphrodisiac? Get your sun fix today and feel the love 😉 ” For that one I’d probably include a happy pic of someone dancing in sunshine or just relaxing in open air…

I could share real life stories and incidents of how healthy eating and detox plans have helped families who’d battled to conceive finally do so naturally etc etc etc

I’d share powerful information from various sources on healthy living including videos (such as a trailer from the documentary film Food Matters).

I would definitely also share my own personal stories of how detox saved my life and stories of people I’d met who’d cured themselves of serious illnesses by following detox programs.

I can tell you now that if I did this regularly the people connected to me on Social Media would soon recognise Me as THE go-to person on health, natural remedies and of course detox!

Once I’d done this for a while and could see that people were responding and engaging with my posts I’d then take it one step further…
That one step further I’ll share with you another time.

What I wanted to share in-depth here is that too many people are complicating the “how to start” part.
The best way is to start small, with people you know. Your venture will grow from there.


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