Great is the new ok

While most people in my time zone were sleeping this morning here’s what I eventually figured out – there isn’t time for “just great.”

Today I found out that really cutting edge companies treat their prospective employees with tremendous pizzazz so that even before the candidate they want works for them they are already the employer of choice.

I also found out that for people who are more concerned with developing their careers than merely receiving a “better” paycheck – interviewing a prospective employer during your interview is not a bad thing.

Far too many people work for paychecks instead of seeing each move as an opportunity to get them where they want to get in their careers.

A short while ago I found out that I should look at things other than pay and happiness (for the short term).

I found out that getting published has become one of the easiest thing in the world.

And with a smart way of using the internet – being famous just got a whole lot simpler. And no it’s not by having a million friends on facebook.

In short – all these changes didn’t happen overnight. Nothing really does – except mushrooms in crap.

So yeah it’s hard work. But consider how much work you put into your current job (which you’re probably not so crazy about). How weird is that? Working hard at something you hate to get to somewhere you’re not really keen on getting into…

And I found out that being just great wasn’t good enough. I had to create a whole new  level of greatness.

Why? Because yahoo! was great before Google took over, Google was phenomenal until facebook came along… you get the picture.

Anyone who says everything that could be done has already been done and there’s “nothing new” – well they’re just lazy – and bitter that they didn’t come up with facebook or something else spectacular.

So I step out today with much trepidation in a world that seems to have changed so much since last I checked.

But also I’m excited because now I’m at the place where I have a pretty darn good idea of how I can get to writing my very own check – with lots of zeros.

Hannah Viviers is a financial journalist and founder of HV Business Training