The Heart of a Warrior

This is my Brother Brighton.

Brighton Laughing
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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a harder working person on the planet. And I mean that.

But hard work, while commendable, is usually neither here nor there- what I’d really like to share about this remarkable Young Man is his heart.

Brighton’s younger than me.

When we were small I remember him being annoyingly meticulous at everything he did. Annoying because I felt he made me look bad- I wasn’t as diligent as he was.

When my mom gave us chores Brighton would take tasks assigned to him so seriously it irked me! But now as an adult I admire this quality.

As kids Brighton always said he’d make it BIG. Even back then, when he was just a child, his main reason for wanting to be successful was so we, his family, would not suffer.

For the most part my brothers and I grew up tough.

We learned to work hard from very early on- but no one worked harder than my brother Brighton. He was barely ten when he eagerly helped my mother in her business.

He would work alongside my mom carrying insanely heavy items that, looking back, were quite a feat for one so young.

But Brighton was driven by something none of us could articulate- a drive to make things happen for himself no matter how hard the going went. Thankfully, years later, he hasn’t changed.

I will never forget a time when I was in college with no financial support for my schooling- Brighton committed to providing essentials I needed- including paying for a trip that built my portfolio and did much to help me secure my first job as a journalist. At the time he was waiting tables at a restaurant.

During that same period our family came under huge financial strain. Brighton and our younger brother Michael, on their waiters’ wages, provided most of the food that landed on our table. Michael was 17, Brighton 19.

It’s true what they say about people who go through hardships at a young age. I see the tenacity and raw determination it built in my brothers.

No road was paved for them. They bashed out courses on their own- going places, sometimes far and daunting, to make things happen- often with only each other for support.

Brighton and Michael Wanjelani, Co-Founders of B&M Entertainment
Brighton and Michael Wanjelani, Co-Founders of B&M Entertainment

Brighton is a grown man now. And yet that Warrior Heart I remember of him as a child has not changed. It roars ever louder!

There’s a rare quality I’ve seen in my brother that I admire deeply: Brighton is Loyal.

When we were younger, no matter how tough things got for us as a family he never abandoned ship. There were times I’d walk away- but Brighton never.

I’ve come to know him as a man of his Word. Whenever he’s told me he’ll do something- he’s come through for me- every single time!

During the times he’s offered support in my business Brighton’s valued my clients as though they were his very own.

Knowing the financial strain of a start-up he’s at times provided me with remarkable unpaid for expertise as though he were working on his own venture!

I’ve left much out! All I can say is remember this face- Remember the name Brighton Wanjelani. He decided long ago he’d be successful- he’s being just that. He decided long ago that he would be a stand-up guy- over the years I’ve seen him solidify that quality over and over again.

I have a Warrior for a Brother. A Mighty Soldier I know has my back no matter what. I’m extremely proud of that.


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Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show