An Ode to the Beautiful Maya Angelou

Oh Maya…
I think some of us may have turned out quite different without her input- her unshakable resolve about things she really believed in- her flamboyance when it came to loving fiercely- her conviction when she shared her writing- her truth when she spoke from the heart-

I must have been about 15 when I first saw and heard from her- instantly I loved her-
Every time I heard her speak my heart would soar and I wished that one day when I was that old I’d be that beautiful- that profound- that generous- that carefree- that convicted- that appreciative of the gift of life- that raw and true-
I wished that I too would have a Wisdom that made beautiful young hearts sit at my feet and soak-
And I wished that like her- the words, beauty, encouragement, motivation and truth I’d share with them, they would carry in their hearts always.

I was sad when my friend told me of her passing- but I also thought- how amazing to live a life so full of purpose and fulfillment!
What a blessing to have had such a rich life joyfully giving so much to others?
What amazes me most about her life is I didn’t really follow the causes she stood for or supported- it was who she was as a person that inspired me.
I think that, that, perhaps is life’s greatest testimony- how we impact others by just being ourselves.
Thank You Maya.


Maya Success