Born to Love

Yesterday I posted this pic on my page:

Love Beads

Something about it danced in my heart and brought me SUCH joy…

This morning I woke with the urgency of projects we needed to tackle- My husband brought me tea in bed- I was nervous about speaking with him about some of what I was thinking because we’ve been under tremendous pressure from all sides- His response was tender- and I felt safe- and ready to tackle the world!

I’m sitting at my laptop now- inspired- because I’m deeply in love: with Myself, with my life and with all that God has given me.

Often we chase for the elusive More… We need it- OH How we LONG for it!

But the More we seek is actually Love.

It’s that simple.

It’s that smile from a stranger, that hug from our children that tenderness from our lover that assures us: I see You- And You matter.


I wish we could be so honest about how much THIS is actually what we want.

It’s not the perfect house- or the six figure job- it’s not the fancy car and designer clothes- it’s Love. That thing that seems as delicate as flower petals and yet is as powerful as the seven raging seas combined.

Nothing inspires and heals and seeks and brings together like Love.

May we delve into it- Eyes shut and hearts WIDE open!

May we be freed from the fear of rejection – may the wounds flung upon us close forever… May we once again, like children straight from the womb- reach out and live every part of our lives in this most wondrous Gift: L.O.V.E.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show. Oh and she’s a hopeless romantic!

The Love We Always Wanted…

What would happen if husbands and wives were always gracious with one another?
Never taking outbursts or actions personally- but always considering their partner’s heart?¬†
What would happen if married couples always thought the best of each other no matter what their significant other displayed?
What if in the angry moments one would always say: “I know you’re so mad but I think you’re cute when you’re mad- and I love you. And I hear you. And I’m sorry what I said (or did) hurt your feelings- that’s the last thing I wanted? Please forgive me?”
What if married couples decided to always cuddle in bed no matter what- and never ever left the house without kissing each other goodbye?
What if there was never silent treatment or threats of leaving?
What if there was a solid knowing that the other person would love you no matter what happened?
What if we championed each other always and forever?
What if we gave up completely the need to be right?
What if married couples gave and gave to each other with no desire or thought of what they’d get in return?
What if we abandoned the need to be validated and chose instead to love without fear of rejection- ever?
What if our marriages inspired our children to wait for such a Love- to never compromise for anything less?
And what if our children desired, more than anything in their hearts, to have marriages just like ours…
What if…

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show