A Wonderful Blessing!

Good morning People I Love!
It is So Good to be blessed with another day to do amazing things- no matter how mundane they may seem.
This week I watched Louie Giglio’s “ALIVE” DVD (You can watch a snippet below)- what an explosive blessing that was!
He reminded me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
You Dear Friend are fearfully and wonderfully made.
No matter what you’ve been through or what you may be going through now- I want you to know that YOU ARE LOVED!
And you are SO Very Very Very Special!
I’ve been declaring a good day-
And I declare it over you Now:
This day IS an Awesome day for You!
May you stumble upon explosive blessings!
May you experience inexplicable joy and wonder.
May a Deep Revelation of Love be revealed in your heart.
And may you be reminded of how fearfully and wonderfully made you are.

-@hannahviviers, Dream BIG TV Show Host