But what If…

My brother Brighton Wanjelani, co-fonder of Project Management company B&M Entertainment tweeted this:

“I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realised, I am Somebody.” ~ – Author Unknown

This quote lingered in my head for a while.

How often do we rage about something and yet all we do is complain?

Or how often are we so passionate about an issue that we could self-combust and yet… we talk- “just” talk and don’t do anything…

I believe we are living in one of the most exciting times in History.

South Africa in particular is ripe for many wonderful things. The only people who are going to unleash that Wonderful are You and Me.

There isn’t another way it’s going to happen.

A Revolution is on the horizon.

It’s powered by passionate people who cannot be kept down. Who are willing to go the distance because their convictions are solid. Revolutionaries who take insane jumps not because they’re certain of their landing- but because they’d rather soar for one moment than live an entire life of wondering: “What if?”

And so dear friends I leave you with a wonderful quote I stumbled upon earlier this week and a fascinating snippet from a fiery woman who is all about being the change she wants to see.

What if I fall