Power Punch Disease Fighting Immune Booster Juice

This juice is WHOA!

It packs a powerful disease fighting/immune boosting punch.

I use this instead of a store-bought supplement for my whole family (including my littlest who’s 2 years old).

The ginger and garlic give it a “burny/spicy” taste.

Have some water on stand-by and especially for the kids I find it helps to chase this incredible healing juice with a full teaspoon of raw organic certified honey.

The following recipe is for one adult OR three small kids (mine are 6, 5 and 2).

You’ll Need:

1 Celery stick (with leaves if available)

A pinky-size piece of fresh ginger

2 cloves garlic

2 large florets of Cauliflower or Broccoli (you can do one floret of each)

1 Apple

1 whole lemon (peeled)

Juice all the ingredients and drink immediately.

Note: This recipe is for one adult OR 3 small children. If giving this to a child I’d suggest you only give them a third of this juice.

Honey is optional. I prefer to take the honey at a different time of the day to this juice. However for kids it helps to chase this juice with a bit of water and some raw honey.

I could go on, for a really long time, about what makes this such a powerful disease-fighting, immune booster juice;  However instead of delving in-depth into each ingredient I thought I’d just tell you a little about three of the ingredients: Ginger, Garlic and Cauliflower. Each ingredient in this juice recipe has been chosen for it’s health boosting properties but it would take too long to provide information about each.


Foodrevolution.org reports that a New Study found ginger to be 10, 000 (that’s ten thousand!) times more effective at fighting cancer than conventional chemotherapy treatment. Read that full article by clicking Here

Added to that ginger has been used in ancient healing practices for it’s healing properties which include it’s ability to:

  • Fight fungal infections
  • Regulate blood sugars
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduce inflammation (which could be why it relieves pain in places like muscles and joints)
  • Improve brain function (who doesn’t want this for their kids 🙂 )
  • Block Bacterial Infections
  • Promote Proper Digestion (lack of proper digestion is one of the leading causes of disease)


Contains properties that: Strengthen the body against disease; fight inflammation; help in the proper functioning of the brain and heart; improve digestion and detoxification; maintain eye health and help balance hormones. Cauliflower also provides high levels of essential vitamins and minerals especially vitamins C and K.

  • Vitamin C

    • Most of us know that Vitamin C is powerful in helping us fight infection and boost our immunity against disease. Vitamin C is also very useful for proper digestive function. It’s an essential nutrient for the health of our bones and teeth and crucial for repairing body tissues (including wound healing), the proper absorption of iron, formation of collagen (which keeps us looking and feeling younger by properly maintaining our skin, cartilage and tendons. Collagen is vital for our body because it keeps these parts of our body strong and elastic. Collagen also boosts our metabolism thus increasing energy. Want more beautiful skin, hair, nails and teeth? Collagen’s our go-to nutrient for that. It’s also fantastic for liver and heart health. Collagen also helps with the overall health of the gut which in turns improves our digestive function. If we want the benefits of Collagen we need Vitamin C which is vital for the synthesis of Collagen.

    Vitamin K

    • Is essential for regulating normal blood clotting. Another very important role of Vitamin K is it transports Calcium throughout the body and enables the body to use Calcium properly. Calcium is most important for the health of our teeth and bones.

I’ll quickly also mention the benefits of Garlic. Some call garlic a super-food.; Considering the many benefits it possesses I think super-food is a right fit for garlic. Garlic is believed to fight against high blood pressure, heart disease and various infections (including colds). There is research that suggests that garlic may be effective at fighting some cancers. According to an article on website thetruthaboutcancer.com:

“In laboratory settings, garlic appears to kill leukemia cells as well as slow the growth of tumors in prostate, bladder, colon, and stomach tissue.”

That full article from thetruthaboutcancer.com can be found by clicking Here

Why we Juice:

Imagine trying to eat all the ingredients in this juice in one go- yikes! However Juicing them makes it a lot easier to consume the amazing benefits of each ingredient in it’s raw form. Also juicing enables the body to use the powerful properties in these foods very quickly as very little “digestion” is required for a freshly extracted juice.

For more healthy juice recipes email me: info@hannahviviers.com


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