Simple Guide to a Fab Business Plan

Simply and Briefly Answer these Four Questions:
1. What do I want to do?
2. Why do I want to do it?
3. Who do I want to do it for?
4. How will I do it for them?


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Coz Talk is Cheap

It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe.
People don’t believe our great ambitions or what we “plan” to do- they believe Results.
So keep going.
Don’t worry about who’s not cheering you on- love those who are and forgive those who aren’t (and love them still).
Focus on the goal.
Give us Results.

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Your Awesome Destiny

Daddy God has called You to an Awesome Destiny.
It’s not about performing or wearing yourself down to the bone- No my dear friend- it’s about a Love Like You’ve never known.

Your destiny is not out there somewhere in a place you have to struggle and work like crazy to get to- Nope- it’s not that far. Your destiny is right on the inside of You. Beating like the rhythm of your heart.

It’s so intertwined into your DNA and who you are that it is as much a part of you as the breath inside You is.
Your destiny is packed with joy everlasting, fulfillment, provision and the ability to bless You and elevate others.

God placed inside of You an awesome treasure.
May His Love for You unveil it day by day- All of creation has been waiting for You and Your awesome destiny.


It’s Time to Quit!

Quit taking EVERYONE’s temperature on whether they like You or Your work.
Stop seeking affirmation from EVERYONE about what you feel SO Very strongly You should do with your life.
All you’re doing is using other people’s opinions of You as excuses to not buckle down, work hard and do what you need to do to get what you want.

There are, maybe, only two main questions you should be asking:
1. Am I truly, absolutely, utterly, convinced that I’m passionate about this?
2. Is there a market for what I want to do?

A lot of the time the people closest to you DON’T have the answers to these questions.
So quit waiting for everyone’s “Yes”. Quit seeking popularity votes. Quit making excuses.


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Will You Go for It?

Taken from Sandi Krakowski’s article: Finding Your Metron, Published on

It takes faith to go beyond what our relatives have “always done” or to press past the voices in our head and around us. It takes enormous courage to find out if we are pursuing a career that we are not only made for, but that we were designed for. Wealth follows those who do such things. Chasing wealth is actually the path to many times losing one’s financial security. But when you do what you are naturally gifted at, everything changes. I built my first million-dollar corporation 17 years ago going against the grain and am currently a millionaire because I refused to go the path that everyone else thought was best for me.

[To read the full article click here]

Sandi Krakowski is the Founder and President at A Real Change International


What You Can do RIGHT NOW To Live Your Dreams

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of Justin Bieber’s early videos when he was just a kid- way before he got famous…

Over this past week I started a series called “Doing What You Love” on our Dream BIG TV Show Page.
What led me to do it was I’d been receiving emails from people sharing some of their frustrations with me about wanting to do what they enjoy- but they felt stuck.

Others felt FIRE in their bones but weren’t sure how to release the passion they were feeling.

Today I’m already on step number 5 of the “Doing what You Love” series. (Click here for more).

The more I share on this the more I’m thinking, I’ve got loads of Young people connected to me on social media- especially Facebook. Also Many of my FB friends have young kids who may be interested in this.

The stuff I’m sharing on this series I’ve learned over the years, it’s action steps we’ve used to grow the Dream BIG TV Show and it’s work I’m going through currently with my multi-millionaire mentor-

It’s valuable stuff I wish someone had shared with me when I was really really Young.

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My young FB friends (especially those of you still in school) please check this out too.

Today I posted about Justin Bieber’s rise to success (Yeah I’m one of those weird old women who’s a HUGE fan of this musical genius!). Some may judge this young man for where he’s at right now- but he has INCREDIBLE work ethic even adults can learn from. Not only is he UBER talented but extremely hard working- I share some of his story on today’s post.

Moms and Dads this is stuff You’d love your kids delving into so you’re most welcome to direct them to the Page or hashtag on this series.

The post is easy to find- we’ve pinned it right at the top of our Page.

Happy Dreaming!


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How Much do You L.O.V.E It?

Years ago I had a business I was pouring TONS of effort into yet getting very little in return.

I was desperate and in urgent need of a venture that could earn me some serious cash.
So I asked my friend Mercy: “What business can I do that would earn me money!”
She responded: “Hannah, you’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking: What business could I do that I’d be Wildly Passionate about?
Years later I see the great wisdom of her words.

That business I slaved over but was NOT excited about tanked- DUH!

It was bound to fail because my heart wasn’t in it- 

I’ve learned that no matter how much one earns in a business- if you don’t L.O.V.E it, it’s just another job- only worse because when you’re the owner much more weighs heavily on your shoulders.

Now I have a business I’m crazy about! It includes my TV Project Dream BIG.

A few days ago Mercy asked me, “How do you feel about the people you make Dream BIG for?”
“I LOVE THEM!” I responded without any hesitation!
And I do love our Dream BIGGERS!

Had I pushed to make a “success” of a business only  for the money I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as Dream BIG thrills me! And I sure wouldn’t love the individuals who make up our audience.

I’ve learned that if what we do is not founded on Love it can never bring us Joy.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.


P.S. I had the pleasure and honour of interviewing extreme adventurer Riaan Manser recently.

What a rocker guy!

Below is the second half of our interview with him.

I shared this clip at a business where Dream BIG had been asked to give an inspirational talk- Our audience was blown away by what drives Riaan- I hope it’ll bless you too!

You can watch the exciting first half of this interview here.

Born to Love

Yesterday I posted this pic on my page:

Love Beads

Something about it danced in my heart and brought me SUCH joy…

This morning I woke with the urgency of projects we needed to tackle- My husband brought me tea in bed- I was nervous about speaking with him about some of what I was thinking because we’ve been under tremendous pressure from all sides- His response was tender- and I felt safe- and ready to tackle the world!

I’m sitting at my laptop now- inspired- because I’m deeply in love: with Myself, with my life and with all that God has given me.

Often we chase for the elusive More… We need it- OH How we LONG for it!

But the More we seek is actually Love.

It’s that simple.

It’s that smile from a stranger, that hug from our children that tenderness from our lover that assures us: I see You- And You matter.


I wish we could be so honest about how much THIS is actually what we want.

It’s not the perfect house- or the six figure job- it’s not the fancy car and designer clothes- it’s Love. That thing that seems as delicate as flower petals and yet is as powerful as the seven raging seas combined.

Nothing inspires and heals and seeks and brings together like Love.

May we delve into it- Eyes shut and hearts WIDE open!

May we be freed from the fear of rejection – may the wounds flung upon us close forever… May we once again, like children straight from the womb- reach out and live every part of our lives in this most wondrous Gift: L.O.V.E.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show. Oh and she’s a hopeless romantic!

A well-known secret…

How far I’ve come!
Today I’m scooting down memory lane and celebrating this stage of my journey.
Over a year ago I quit a wonderful job- with no idea what I’d do next- with no reason other than that I was so deeply unhappy and knowing that what I was doing with my life wasn’t how I was meant to be living.
Today I can honestly say I am exactly where I should be.
My life no longer SUCKS!
And I’m finally able to experience that I am loved- really, truly and absolutely.
I’ve never been happier- never been more pumped about my life and never been more secure in God’s amazing incredible purpose for me.
I didn’t know these things when I quit my job.
It is so true that sometimes to get what we want we first have to let go of what we don’t want.

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.