Why God wants us to Give

I don’t even know where to start describing how profound the gift of giving is- 

When we give with our eyes on Jesus… Mhmmmm… I’m actually speechless and totally overwhelmed-

In the process of giving we find depths of how much He absolutely adores us.

It’s not how much we give- or what we give- it’s the heart- God changes who we are as we give- He changes our hearts and He heals and restores us in remarkable ways…

Most of us were taught SO wrong about giving.

God asks us to give so we can discover the TREMENDOUS wealth we have in Him- not just wealth in money- but wealth in inexplicable Love, Forgiveness, Healing, Physical Wholeness… You name it!

Giving is a step of faith that says- Jesus You know all of me- You see what I have and You know my desires- as I give I trust You completely to have me covered- I trust You to take care of me and to fulfill all these many things in my heart.

I’m learning that the act of giving isn’t even so much for the person my gift is for- the act of giving gives God an opportunity to show me grand Revelations of who He really is. 

Giving gives me the opportunity to Reign with Him on this earth as He reigns in Heaven.