Mangoes in April

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In a desperate attempt to stay with the man she loves Chibale delves back to her tumultuous yet fascinating childhood in 1980’s Zambia.

Digging into the past she’s met with remarkable and unsettling memories that challenge both what she thinks she understands about herself as well as her future.

She encounters an alter-ego in the form of the troubled Fleur who blurs her concept of reality and how things truly are.

Yet it’s the maverick nature of Fleur that takes Chibale to the most daunting places of her past that she must face if she is to heal.

Living in Johannesburg, South Africa she finds herself swinging between the reality of her crumbling marriage, to the colourful memories of her birth country Zambia, to the imaginary world Fleur draws her into.

Chibale inevitably finds herself questioning love, life and everything that was ingrained in her as a child.

With what she discovers she must choose to either save her marriage or herself.


 A Novel by Hannah Viviers

1 review for Mangoes in April

  1. Mercy (verified owner)

    Mangoes in April – the title alone just caught my eye. It is such a simple point of focus for such a layered story which is richly interwoven between 3 characters – the central character Chibale who’s uncertain about her marriage , the tumultuous life of her alter-ego Fleur and the precocious child she once was .All fierce in their assertion whether determined, proud or innocent. I loved the author’s colourful wording which had the ebb and flow of lovely poetry. The thought-provoking themes explored throughout the text ensured I could hardly put the book down as I read it. If you want to be swept away into another world, have your emotions aroused and have your soul enriched at the same time this is the book for you.

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