Benefits of going back to our Primitive Eating

Growing up in Zambia I hardly heard of serious diseases like cancer.

The two most serious illnesses I came across as a child was my mom’s best friend’s sister dying from diabetes; Then when I was about 7 years old, we experienced the first member of our family being diagnosed with HIV.

We heard of High Blood Pressure here and there- most of it was stress related. But things like cancer and all the many terrifying diseases we hear of now- they weren’t as common back then.

Today though 10% of Zambia’s population is battling cancer.

Diabetes there is through the roof and High Blood Pressure has become far more common than it ever was.

Just recently I spoke with someone from Nigeria and they told me that

the number one killer among men in Nigeria now is Prostate Cancer.

The disease that’s most prevalent among the entire Nigerian population i.e. men and women is High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure also remains the number one killer among women in South Africa.

We have to ask:

What changed?

We know our environment is far more polluted now- however Natural Health Doctors are telling us that what we eat and drink play a far bigger role in our health than the air we breath.

Growing up, the vegetable English Giant Rape, which is in the Kale family, was a staple. We had it at almost every meal.


Today the rest of the world’s calling Kale a super food- something we ate as part of our daily meals for thousands of years.

And that’s just it- most of us in Africa grew up eating what many people around the world are only now beginning to appreciate as “super-foods”. Yet we in Africa have abandoned the kind of eating that sustained us throughout our history- and traded our once wholesome eating for junk.

We’ve ditched the now popularised “super-foods” we ate daily for crap like highly processed white bread- processed meats, toxic pastas- deep fried everything and foods saturated in rubbish fats and sugars-

That is not progress-

It’s health complications just waiting to happen.

As a kid I remember most people would go home for lunch.

Lunch was a cooked meal with a variation of: dried beans, veggies, pap…

For many people meat was expensive and was eaten only once in a while.

Today lunch, for many people across the continent, is the fast food of choice for the day; With a massive serving of sugary drinks, deep fried things and foods from sources we don’t even know… many of us are eating sick animals packed with antibiotics and all sorts of hormones-

It’s no wonder we’re battling so many illnesses.

Our bodies cannot function properly eating like this.

I know how overwhelming it is to make major changes- so how about we just start with the little things…

When it comes to our health just going back to our primitive way of eating is an amazing start to healing our bodies.

One of the dictionary’s definition for “primitive” is unsophisticated.
Well let’s look at what our “sophisticated” way of eating has brought us- Is it really worth it?