Detoxing for Weight Loss

As a person who has struggled with weight since I was 13, I really understand the battle.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts for me was losing weight and then before I knew it, piling it all back on again.

It was interesting to learn that I was not alone.

Turns out less than 1% of people who would lose weight kept it off.

This led me to wondering why that was?

It wasn’t like we enjoyed the excess weight.

And if it was just a matter of “eating right” and exercising as we’ve been led to believe, surely we should be a lot more successful?

But many of us weren’t.

My wake up call

My biggest battle with weight came to a head after I’d had my third child.

At one point I was so heavy that the only other time I’d been at that weight was at my last doctor’s weigh-in just before I gave birth!

My weight had spiraled out of control.

Although I loathed being that heavy I felt stuck.

One morning my husband looked me in the eye and said: “You’re getting rounder by the day…”


After he’d blurted that out he just looked at me with eyes that seemed to ask: “So what are you going to do about it?”

I know most people would say that was really mean of him- but

It was the kick in the butt I needed.

Detoxing for Weight Loss

When I’d been on my very first body detox I’d lost a lot of weight- without even trying.

When I’d started detoxing I hadn’t done it to lose weight- I was desperate to heal; Healing from my illness had been the goal.

But as I cleansed my body and ate good wholesome foods, I noticed that my clothes started feeling too big-

I knew the weight loss was drastic because colleagues at work kept asking me “what on earth” I was doing to lose all that weight!

So, when I got to that place where I knew I could no longer put off shedding the excess weight- I applied everything I’d learned about Body Detoxing.

It worked!

Within two months I’d shed 10 kilos.


After two months

It was around this time of seeing body detoxing produce incredible results, (yet again), that I decided I’d waited long enough to share all I’d learned about this powerful tool.

I finally embarked on my dream to start my Body Detox Venture.

When I started coaching others on Body Detoxing I had no intention of helping people lose weight.

However, as I had done on my first detox, my clients were also losing weight on my program.

They’d come to me for reasons other than weight loss, however there it was- the beautiful side effect of cleansing the body of toxins and flooding it with gorgeous nutritious foods: They’d lose weight!

Due to the visible weight loss my clients would experience people they knew started to come to me primarily for weight loss.

I felt ill-equipped to give any kind of weight loss advice considering my own long battle with weight.

Some of the individuals I was seeing were desperate for help.

They’d tried different things but they just weren’t winning on the court of weight loss.

I knew precisely how they felt. 

I knew they’d lose weight on my program but I wanted them to not only lose weight for the short-term but keep it off.

This had been my own struggle all those years: keeping the weight off.

As I started looking at my own battle with weight- as I heard the stories of others who’d lost weight and put it all back on again- I began to recognise a trend.

It seemed to me that most of us who struggled with weight had triggers that made us turn to food for resolve.

My trigger was anxiety.

The moment I learned that I started to plan ways of how to deal with my anxiety without turning to food to calm me.

I’ve since found that while our triggers might vary many of us are attempting to resolve, or at least quieten down, those triggers using food.

It’s not just about the physical detox

Body Detoxing helped me lose weight but it was only one part of my detox program.

There were two other parts: Belief and Renewing the mind.

I knew my approach to healing produced wonderful results- I felt I needed to apply those same principles to dealing with excess weight.

When I looked back at the time I’d been uncontrollably piling on all those pounds, I remembered how I was often plagued by feelings of worthlessness and utter failure.

I felt that if I wasn’t worth much what was the point?

Unknowingly, I’d come to believe that if I was such a failure how on earth was I going to succeed at beating the bulge?

Once I’d lost the weight, the even harder part was keeping it off.

To keep it off I knew I had to get rid of the fears, insecurities and destructive beliefs that had led to me neglecting my body.

I had to change how I felt and believed about myself.

Without dealing with those two things I realised I’d be stuck- indefinitely.

Through my own experience I have learned that losing weight is not a once off trip- it’s a journey.

It’s a journey that must engage not only the body but the mind and one’s spirit too.

Nourishing our entire Being

My approach to weight loss might not be mainstream or conventional but it takes into account all of who we are: our Body, Soul and Spirit.

To focus on just one part of us doesn’t truly honour or nourish us fully.

Even more, it doesn’t fully deal with the cause of excess weight.

I believe it’s this failure to deal with our whole person that knocks us off that bandwagon and keeps us trapped.

What’s Your Why?

All my life, every time I’d lose weight, it had only been for the purpose of not being fat.

I guess that was a good reason.

But it wasn’t enough to inspire me to keep the weight off.

When I decided that I was going to go all-in in my work as a detox coach, I realised that the body I was living from was in essence an enormous part of this work I so believed in.

I didn’t want feeling great to only be at times I’d fallen into crisis and used detox techniques to salvage me-

I wanted to live what I believed. 

I wanted every part of me to be healthy and whole, from the inside out.

Now, if (and when) I do fall off the bandwagon I’m reminded that my ability to fully realise my purpose in the way I want to is at jeaopardy if I stay off track. And I jump right back on that bandwagon because going back to that devastating  place I once was in my head, heart and body is not something I want to re-visit.

It’s important to ask ourselves what our real reason for wanting to lose the weight is.

Like with all things, if our Why for losing the weight isn’t big enough it’s hard to stay on track.

It’s a Journey

I believe the journey to losing weight is one of regaining optimum health in every part of our being.

As such I use the same tools for weight loss that I use to coach people battling a chronic illness:

  • Working on beliefs
  • Renewing the mind
  • Physically cleansing the body of the toxins that cause excess weight and make weight loss difficult

To physically cleanse the body and jump-start the physical healing that results in effortless weight loss I use my Detox Program that includes good wholesome nutrition along with coffee enemas.

I look forward to hearing from You and us working together toward realising the body you want to live your purpose from.


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