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How would your body working just the way you want it to impact your life?

Welcome to my 7 Day Detox Bootcamp.

From July 7, for just 7 Days, I’m going to show you the number one method for getting your body to work as it’s supposed to.

How does it work?

Imagine for a moment your car’s fuel light comes on.

You stop at the nearest fuel station, tell the attendant which fuel your car takes and then- you see the fuel attendant pouring water into your fuel tank!

I know right? Who on earth does that!

Your car is designed to take a certain type of fuel. Every car is. Pour in the wrong stuff and that car is done. Wrong fuel could very well be the end of your car.

Our bodies are no different.
Food is our fuel.
But just like our car,

the wrong fuel in our bodies can cause all sorts of problems.

And that’s where detoxing comes in. Detoxing gives our bodies the right fuel. Proper detoxing gives our bodies exactly what they need to work as they’re supposed to.

Think about the question I asked earlier:

How would your body working just the way you want it to impact your life?

For some of my clients, it was losing a few pounds of stubborn weight.
For others, their body working better was just being able to have regular trips to the bathroom without the need for laxatives.
And this is important. Because in all the years I have worked with various individuals, every person I’ve worked with who had a health problem also had digestive issues.

I have worked with both women and men; people of various ages, backgrounds, and there has not been a single exception: if they had a health problem they also had a digestive issue- mostly chronic constipation, chronic reflux and/or irritable bowel syndrome. Those are the top 3 digestive concerns I come across.

If we go back to the car/fuel analogy and our body/food link, it makes sense:

Wrong food ➡️ body struggles to process that food ➡️ digestive issues ➡️ eventually, health problems

Digestive issues such as constipation are an indication that our body is struggling to process what we’re putting into it.
When food is not digested and expelled properly some of those harmful substances from what we eat (and drink) remain in the body- sometimes for years.
I know. It’s shocking.

Repeat that process of bad food and poor elimination of harmful substances for years and the body spirals into dysfunction.

The good news is, for the most part, this can be reversed.
The body is remarkable. The moment we start to remove those harmful substances and begin fueling our body with the right foods- it swings right back on track and goes back to working they way it’s meant to.

The most crucial part of an effective detox that truly works is one that begins with removing the build up of harmful substances from the body.

I discovered this more than 12 years ago after my first detox.

I had chronic digestive issues for years. I tried various treatments and remedies, nothing worked. I only got worse.
And then I came across coffee enemas.
Those were the game changers.

Within days of using coffee enemas the digestive issues I’d battled for years were gone.
Added to that, three months after my first coffee enema detox, I fell pregnant, naturally, with my first child.

Prior to that I had battled with infertility for years. I’d had various fertility treatments but none had worked.

When I first used coffee enemas all I wanted was to clean out my colon. I’d heard coffee enemas were brilliant at colon cleansing. I wanted a digestive system that worked. I got that, and so much more. I have 4 children now.

Before my first detox no one had told me that what was making me sick was the build up of years of harmful substances in my body.

I was prescribed many medications- the relief, if any, was only ever temporary. Some medications made me sicker. Until I discovered coffee enemas.

I couldn’t believe what came out of my body when I started using coffee enemas. Most of my clients also get shocked by what they see come out of their bodies after using coffee enemas.

Some of my clients who had conditions that caused pain in their bodies experienced pain free bodies for the first time in years after using coffee enemas.

The number one comment I get after clients have their first enema is how much lighter they feel!

What are coffee enemas?

Coffee enemas are the most effective body cleansing tool I have ever come across.

Before I learned about coffee enemas I had tried plenty other things. Coffee enemas are the one.

My 7 Day Detox does two things:
1. Cleanses the body using coffee enemas
2. Replenishes the body with the right food

Most people eat food which contains very little of what the body actually needs to function properly.

On my 7 Day Detox program I show you exactly what your body needs with a scrumptious 7 Day Eating Plan.
Through this plan you will give your body precisely what it needs to work the way it should.

While I cannot guarantee that all you want will be achieved in 7 days, I can absolutely guarantee that if you follow my detox program your body will work better than it has in a very long time.

Here is some feedback from some of the people who went on my detox program:

“The miracle detox! Is the only way I can describe it. I’ve never felt so healthy in my life. I literally don’t understand how I managed to live all these years without my coffee enemas. Besides flushing out all the nonsense from my body it taught me a completely different way of preparing food and how delicious “green and clean” actually is! I lost 5kgs in one week and didn’t crave sugar at all which I previously just about lived on. Now my food journey is completely changed. Go for the detox it’ll completely change your life!”

– Meghan

“I woke up this morning without any slight headache after a 7 day Coffee Enema Detox. And I’m feeling super cool. My blood pressure reading is normal and I feel so great inside out.
“Before the detox I had chronic headaches. Every morning I woke up I needed painkillers.
“For years I’ve been taking meds for BP, but on the second day of doing Coffee Enema detoxing with Hannah I decided to not take my blood pressure tablets. On day 5, I checked my blood pressure and from the readings of 190/90 or sometimes almost 192 to 200/99, the nurse at the clinic who was checking me said, “Your BP is normal.”
“The machine reading was 124/74. This was the same clinic where, not too long ago, a nurse  wrote an Emergency letter, and told my daughter to not go home but to drive me straight to Helen Joseph Hospital for my admission because my Blood Pressure reading was: 200/124.
“I believe if Coffee Enema detoxing is followed carefully with a good diet of fruits and vegetables juicing, one’s disordered life can be fixed and back to normal.”

– Jennifer

You brought a miracle into my life. I should have done this a long time ago. The enema detox is addictive. Once I started on it I felt I could just continue forever. The results were amazing too. Just the first time I used it, I felt lighter. I took 14 days instead of 7 and after that I paid my mother a visit. I had last seen her 3 months before. See, my mother is my worst critic, but that weekend I lost count of how many times she showered me with compliments about my glowing skin. Now, that coming from her, is worth a million dollars (U.S).

– Zinhle

I have witnessed my clients overcome aggressive infections, resolve health problems they’d suffered for years- one of my clients even avoided major surgery she’d been told could’ve potentially left her unable to ever have children.

Our bodies are remarkable and they have the ability to heal themselves when we remove the harmful substances that make them sick and replenish them with the nutrients to thrive as they should.

I would like to leave you with this, remember the car analogy?

Well, cars can be replaced, your body can’t.

My 7 Day Body Detox Bootcamp begins on July 7.
What you’ll get:
– Complete coffee enema kit and detox therapy coffee
– 7 Day Detox Eating Plan
– Access to me coaching you through your 7 Day Detox
Cost: R4 999 (includes shipping in South Africa and Kenya).
*For shipping to other regions please reach out to me as shipping costs vary depending on region

Registrations for this Detox Bootcamp close on June 30.

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If you have any questions reach out to me at  hannahviviers@gmail.com