hannahsdetox Reward Program

Please help me reach more people.

One of my most painful struggles was not being able to have children.

For years I cried myself to sleep wondering why infertility was happening to me.

And then my detox journey happened. After my very first detox a bunch of health issues I’d suffered for years were resolved; but by far the most spectacular result from my first detox was conceiving my first child- and then the three other gorgeous children after him.

I know the pain, and sometimes debilitating anxiety, that comes with battling a health problem. That is why I’m on a mission to tell as many people as I can about the power of detoxing.

It truly is the miracle cure of our time and I believe it to be a gift from a God who loves us and wants our bodies to operate as He created them to.

I’m reaching out to as many as people as I can to tell them about what cleansing our bodies through detox can do for our health. But I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

At hannahsdetox I’ve created a rewards program to reach more people with this message of detoxing while also rewarding those who help me spread this message.

How does it work?

With every person who joins my detox program through a referral we reward the referring person a percentage of the program’s cost.

On July 7 my 7 Day Body Detox Bootcamp goes live.
I’m on a mission to revolutionise how we tackle diseases that are robbing people of the joy and amazing lives they could be living if they weren’t sick!

Please join me. Together we can help people get a lot healthier and happier.

Much Love,


P.S. For more information about how my rewards program works, email me at hannahviviers@gmail.com

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