Get over writer’s/shipping block

Seth Godin calls it shipping. 

The thing (getting our work out) that we must (absolutely) do no matter what.

So what about the stuff we don’t want to do but need to do?

It sucks sometimes right?

But I’m remembering something, that had helped me succeed greatly in the pursuit of things, but had somehow forgotten:

Push through the hard, not so great stuff, to get what you want.

Last year I started writing my book on Body Detoxing and Natural Health. The quest to finish it dragged on way past a year-

To every person wanting to write a book, a book should not take that long to write.

Unless it’s based on loads and loads of research, a book based on your expertise or personal journey should not take more than 12 months to write.

When a friend, who’s a published author, told me to stop messing around and FINISH MY BOOK! I did it in a week.

In another week I was done editing and sent it off for proof reading.

In two weeks total my book was ready for publication. Two weeks.

So far, folks I’ve given to read my book “Detoxxed” say it’s smashing.

Soon, it’ll be on sale right here on my website

Moral of the story: Buckle down- Get it done.

Another thing my friend said that kicked my booty into gear was: Someone’s DESTINY is tied to your work- You don’t get to procrastinate for as long as you want. The stakes are too high. GET GOING!!!!!