You don’t need a cheat day

We used to recommend “cheat days” now we don’t- because we’ve seen it time and time again that for most┬ápeople cheat days don’t work.

Theoretically a cheat day is a day of the week when we can eat pretty much anything we want.

In theory it’s great- and for some people, cheat days work. But here’s the problem: for people who are struggling with weight, cheat days trigger their cravings and place them in the position to want more of the food they’re not meant to eat.

One weight loss expert put it like this: would it be recommended that an alcoholic have one day of the week where they can indulge in their favourite drink?

How about a person struggling with drug addiction- would it be beneficial for them to have one day of the week where they could indulge in their drug of choice?

On both counts most people would say no. Why? Because intake of a substance a person is struggling with causes them to relapse.

The reality of it is that for most people struggling with weight the connection to food is akin to that of substance abuse.

Indulging in rubbish food when trying to get healthy will have the same effect as a person who’s trying to stay clean indulging the addiction- the chances for relapse are insanely high.

Cheat days may work for some people, but they don’t work for most. It’s for this reason we don’t recommend cheat days- they’re just not worth it.