Detox Cleanse

The full body detox plan includes colon cleansing by coffee enema (using Gerson Approved Detox Kits), accompanied by the trendy and very successful juicing diet.

Especially relevant to the programme is the core which consists of seven coffee enema treatments. The enema cleanses your Liver, rids your Colon of disease-causing mucoid plaque and HIGHLY improves the functioning of all major organs in the body. Intensive coffee enema treatments can lead to an electrolyte imbalance. To counter this a juicing diet is highly recommended. Most noteworthy is that juicing is the quickest natural way for the body to absorb nutrients. Furthermore a detox diet plan is available to keep you on track with reaching your perfect health goals.

More about the Remarkable Healing Power of Detoxing:

Hannah Viviers has many accolades and titles under her belt, perhaps the one she enjoys most is ‘Mom’, a title she would not enjoy had it not been for the Power of Detox.

7 Years ago Hannah discovered the Power of Detoxing her body and eating the right foods. Before this she’d battled infertility, various other symptoms as a result of the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) she’d been diagnosed with, stubborn excess weight and chronic digestive problems that landed her in the Hospital Emergency Room twice!

When Hannah was told by doctors that she’d probably need to be on chronic medication for the rest of her life, she was determined to NOT make that her reality. She knew they had to be a cure for what she had. There was! Detoxing.

Hannah detoxed her body for an entire month. During that time all the digestive problems she’d suffered from were cured!

Three months after her detox, Hannah fell pregnant! Naturally. This after years of expensive fertility rounds that had failed. She now has three gorgeous children.

Seeing what detoxing her body had done for her, Hannah hoped to share what she’d learned with others. However the REAL push to actually do this came when her husband Rico got very ill from aggressive stomach and chest infections. After a week of antibiotics, Rico’s condition only grew worse. Hannah encouraged him to try out her detox program. He did. Within days of being on her detox program, Rico began to show significant improvement. As his body detox progressed he also DRASTICALLY decreased his dependency on chronic medication for asthma and reflux. PLUS he lost 4 kilos in just one week!

Seeing her husband heal and drastically decrease his chronic medication dosages, Hannah knew she had to share her knowledge with more people. And so begun her Body Detox Campaign.

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‘RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook’

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What can I expect from Your Detox Program?

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We see the great looking food- what we DON’T see is what all the junk we’re eating is doing to our bodies!

Work with me for just 30 Days to get YOU Healthier!

My detox plan focuses on two things:

1. Removing existing toxins from the body (including the targeting of
mucoid plaque), and vastly improving liver function. (Detoxification is one
of the major functions of the liver).
There are some people who claim mucoid plaque is a myth- and yet I saw it
come out of my own body! I’ve also seen it in huge amounts from other
people who’ve taken my detox enema- the stuff is real.

And when it’s present in our bodies it’s like having a never ending well of
poison constantly operating in our bodies.

I’m not one for scare tactics but listen to this: one doctor had this to
say about mucoid plaque he’d found in his post-mortem examinations of

“Of the 22,000 operations that I have personally performed, I have never
found a single normal colon. Of the 100,000 that were performed under my
jurisdiction, not over 6% were normal.”

Hippocrates, the man believed to be the father of modern medicine, believed

“All disease begins in the gut.”

Simply put, our gut is our stomach.

Could it be no wonder then that so many people are ill? Or that we struggle
with hormonal issues and stubborn weight-gain?

Looking back over the years, at my own journey, I’ve personally found this
to be true.

The effective cleansing of my gut (stomach) cured years of stomach problems (that landed me in the ER twice) and cured my battle with infertility.

In the time I’ve been sharing my gut cleansing techniques and knowledge
it’s been remarkable to see people experience AMAZING results just by
cleansing their stomach!

Once, I saw a medical doctor on TV saying, having only one bowel movement
every 7 days was normal-

I am not a doctor but c’mon people- that makes NO sense!

If a person ate 3 times a day, typically, they would’ve consumed at least
21 meals in 7 days!

Are you telling me that it’s “OK” for ALL that food to be in the body for a whole 7 days?!

We know that after some time food goes OFF. Even when it’s in the fridge.

Our bodies are far warmer than fridges- so pray tell good doctor- what is
happening to that food, sitting inside us after being there 7 days? Or

The same thing that happens to food in warm, moist conditions- it rots.

And that’s precisely one of the ways mucoid plaque forms:

rotten food the body fails to eliminate.

One nutritional advisor wrote:
“It’s normal to eliminate two or more times per day. Transit time, the
period between food *in* and waste *out*, should be less than 24 hours.

This means that only two or three meals should be in transit throughout the
digestive tract at a time.

Today’s breakfast IN pushes yesterday’s breakfast or lunch OUT.

Toxic fecal matter is supposed to *totally *leave the body in one day, not
hang around to toxify. That’s the design.

Many people though have been brought up to think that it’s normal to
eliminate only once every two or three days. Or even longer!

That means they are storing NINE meals or more in the tract at all times.

The waste from NINE meals or more is always inside them.

The problem is that the longer the food is in the colon, the more it begins
to rot and toxify the body.”

This nutritional adviser went on to describe mucoid plaque as:

“…rubbery layers of mucous and rotting food which compact themselves year after year along the digestive tract.”

Remember mucoid plaque is believed to be the leading cause of disease, showing in symptoms such as chronic illnesses, stubborn excess weight, constant fatigue, lack of energy and infertility.

I’m not saying you’ve definitely got mucoid plaque in you- but many people do. And if you happen to it could explain some of the symptoms you may be struggling with.

After YEARS of expensive fertility rounds, battling with various other PCOS symptoms, five years of battling with terrible stomach problems, depression and all the things I suffered as a result- when I saw the mucoid plaque that came out of my body- I cried.

I couldn’t believe that I’d been carrying such filth in my body all that


To this day, every single time I remember that moment I saw plaque come out
of my own body, I get very emotional. Because I could’ve died. No jokes!

That stuff was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode!

I don’t know what terrible diseases it would’ve caused! But thank God I
got it out and that’s why I’m so super passionate about helping others do
the same.

OK… back to what my body detox plan focuses on:

2. The second, and equally important part of the process, is proper nutrition.

Through working with people by focusing on the removal of toxins and
flooding their bodies with wonderful nutrition packed foods, I’ve seen
significant improvement in chronic illnesses and discomforts such as
asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic reflux, aggressive skin
conditions, reproductive system problems (including curing my own
infertility) and even seen remarkable healthy weight loss.

My detox program is based on the belief that our bodies are incredibly designed. And given the right tools they can restore, rebuild and self-heal.

Hippocrates believed this too and is reported to have built his approach to
treating disease on his conviction that:

the focus of medical treatment had
to be enabling the human body’s natural resistance to prevail and overcome disease.

I’m not a doctor and I’m very clear that my recommendations should never be
replaced with medical advice.

But over the years I’ve seen the power of the tools I recommend.

Hippocrates himself is reported to have used diet, massage, exercise, sea baths and hydrotherapy to treat various illnesses.

While my detox plan shows how to use hydrotherapy, during the detox period
I recommend detox enemas instead.

Detox Enema have been scientifically proven to be
far more effective in eliminating built up plaque in the colon, which is
believed by many in natural medicine to be the leading cause of disease.

See how Detox Enemas work by Clicking Here

Some nutrition practitioners attribute over 90% of disease to colon plaque
and compromised digestive function.

If we were to reverse that statement, could it be, that 90% of disease
could be cured or significantly improved by restoring colon health?

The difference between Hydrotherapy and Detox Enemas:

Hydrotherapy washes out fecal matter from the colon but it does not remove
plaque build-up. Neither does it do much for liver function which is
essential for effective detoxification.

Detox enemas on the other hand do what hydrotherapy does i.e. cleanse the
colon; PLUS they target mucoid plaque built up in the colon AND
significantly increase the function of the liver to rid our bodies of
harmful, disease-causing substances.

While I cannot guarantee the results you seek, from people I’ve worked with
so far, we’ve seen a significant improvement in their ailments, as well as
healthy weight loss (between 3.5 kilos-5 kilos) within the first 7 days of the
detox program!

*With regard to weight loss, individuals are different so I cannot say for
sure what your experience would be.*

One of the things I see regularly is people losing an entire kilo or more
after just one detox enema!

It shows how much compacted waste people are carrying around in their

It’s no wonder we see so many health problems!

How can we not be sick? or not feel rubbish when we’re walking around with
that much garbage in us?

With our digestive systems that contaminated it’s virtually impossible
for them to function properly!

Through my detox program we work to help the body get rid of all that
rubbish and RE-SET it back to functioning optimally again.

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Are Detox Enemas Safe?

The two most commonly reported side-effects (though rare) of detox enemas are: an electrolyte imbalance which we counter with the freshly extracted juices.

The juices replenish the body with electrolytes lost during the detox enemas.
The juices also nourish the body with the precise nutrients it needs to build, repair and essentially self-heal.
The other, most commonly cited side-effect has been reported by people with pre-existing conditions such as hemorrhoids.
Personally, I’d be cautious with someone who has hemorrhoids. However someone I took through the detox plan had had hemorrhoids for years.
During their detox enemas they did experience slight bleeding. They decided to continue with the program and told me that the remarkable results and benefits they experienced far outweighed the minor bleeding they had from the hemorrhoids.
Some practitioners recommend continuing with the treatment even in people with hemorrhoids
as they believe the detoxing would eventually be beneficial in even treating the hemorrhoids.
They recommend to only discontinue the use of detox enemas if there’s significant bleeding.
I’m a lot more cautious and would probably not be keen to take on someone with a history of hemorrhoids.
Like I said, the person who went through the detox with me and had hemorrhoids chose to go on with the process regardless and say they’re super glad they did.
It’s a personal decision.
For people who’ve had any kind of surgery on their colon or some serious medical condition with that region in their system, I would not take on- as those would most likely require approaches my detox plan does not cover.
Cleansing the body using a nutrition packed eating plan and coffee enemas has been a method that’s been used for decades.
There is documented research on the efficacy of this approach.
Dr Lawrence Plaskett who’s institute teaches Natural Medicine uses this approach and has conducted much research.
He is not alone.

Even Hippocrates, deemed the Father of Modern Medicine prescribed detox enemas as part of his treatment of patients.

I’ve seen plenty of articles that oppose detoxing, or even detox enemas.
The articles I’ve read, were written by authors who seemed to share second-hand information but hadn’t actually experienced the detox process or ever used detox enemas themselves before.
I’ve met a number of people who’ve used this detox method, and never come across anyone who’s done it and had negative experiences.
The only thing I’ve come across so far is the person I had who’d had the hemorrhoids- but even they chose to stick with the program and reported remarkable results.
Everyone I’ve personally spoken to whose embarked on a detox journey using these methods raves about the incredible impact it made on their health.
People differ, so do experiences, so again I cannot guarantee what the results would be for various individuals.
Most natural methods of healing, which this is, have a long, long, history of coming under attack.
I believe it’s simply because, if people could get better by such simple methods, what use would we have of, often expensive, drugs made in labs?
If we could experience a shift in the way we eat and eat less of the junk that makes us overweight and causes a plethora of health problems that eventually need to be medicated- it’s a challenge to some very powerful institutions.
I believe that, with this in mind, the negative press is bound to be there to “debunk” the efficacy of natural methods such as these.
As mentioned, I cannot guarantee the absolute safety of my detox plan-
I guess we could, in the same breath say that no drug that has been tested repeatedly can promise absolute safety either.
Prescription drugs and even over-the-counter medications come with long lists of ALL the side-effects that could arise from using them.
Some even cite death as a side-effect. (I was horrified to learn that!)
I was watching a piece on TV that reported the THOUSANDS of deaths that occur annually in the US as a result of people taking prescription medication precisely as their doctors had advised them to.

I’m not against the medical industry at all!

 God’s blessed us with great minds in that field that I’ve personally benefited from- and millions of people around the world benefit from as well.  Including saving lives on a DAILY basis!
This is just to say that nothing humans produce or do can be 100% guaranteed.
All I can say is that the detox enemas are natural.
The food we recommend is as natural as can be as it consists primarily of fruit and veg.
The supplements we recommend for the program are plant-based and have decades of research to back their benefits and efficacy.

Sample of my Detoxifying Eating Plan

My Detox Program comes with a 30 Day Detoxifying Eating Plan.

It kicks off with 7 Days of Juicing ONLY. This is vital for cleansing the body of existing toxins as well as providing You with the ESSENTIAL nutrients you will need to help your body restore, rebuild and heal itself. Perhaps the MOST satisfying part of the Juicing week is that, if you follow the program, exactly, you could lose between 3.5 kilos-5 kilos! In just 7 Days!

To help you keep the weight off and continue your health journey I include a DETAILED follow-up eating plan.

Each one of the 30 Days during your detox period has a detailed juicing or eating plan. Recipes for every juice and meal are provided.

The Below does not contain recipes, it’s just a sample of what a Juicing Schedule would look like.

Day 1

Today’s declaration:

I am ready for this.

I am strong and through this process I’m getting stronger.

I am willing and able to give my body what it needs to RE-SET, heal itself and repair what has been damaged or lost.

I am agreeing with God, the Universe He created and all of His Heaven that I am healed and whole- this process only helps me manifest what is already mine, excellent health!

I am not afraid of my past, I’m laying hold of my present and I am positive and full-of faith for the future.


Plan for today

Good morning drink:      Lemon Tea (pour hot water over a slice of fresh lemon). Helps digestion.

(If you can, drink your lemon tea outside.)

Beautiful Movement:    Do whatever moves you for 20 minutes. Walk, dance, cycle, workout, You choose- but do something you enjoy that moves your body.

Detox Enema:                   After you’ve cooled down from your move you can take your detox enema

Breakfast Juice:                Ultra-Green Detox Juice

Mid-Morning:                    Super Duper Avo Healer

Lunch:                                   Red Fighter Juice

Afternoon Power-Up:   Do whatever moves you for 20 minutes. Walk, dance, cycle, workout, You choose- but do something you enjoy that moves your body.

Afternoon Release:        Do your favourite stretch exercises

Din-Din Juice:                     Power Punch Juice

Night-Capper:                   Peppermint Tea or Hannah’s heart-warming tea

The Below does not contain recipes, it’s just a sample of what an Eating Schedule would look like.

Day 8

Today’s declaration:

I am grateful for the opportunity to heal. I am healing and experiencing more health each day. The results I’m experiencing are no coincidence. They’re a gift from a Father in Heaven who loves me. Everything I do on this program is a beautiful gift I give myself. I am grateful for the wonderful foods I’m to have this day.


Plan for today

Good morning drink:      Lemon Tea (pour hot water over a slice of fresh lemon). Helps digestion. (If you can, drink your lemon tea outside in a sunny spot.)

Beautiful Movement:    A good stretch exercise. Followed by a core strengthening workout.

Total: 30-40 minutes.

Breakfast Juice:                A bowl of fruit. (You can mix into plain natural yogurt if you like). Recommended: Kiwi and Mango.

Mid-Morning:                    Bowl of oats. Do not add milk. Add ground cinnamon generously. If you’d like to sweeten, add freshly extracted apple juice.

Lunch:                                   Super Detox Broth

Afternoon Power-Up:   Cardio workout 30 minutes

Late-Afternoon Snack:  Nuts, seeds and goat’s cheese. Include a herbal tea

Din-Din:                                Cucumber and Tomato Salad with grated Carrot. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar and linseed oil over your salad. Eat with baked Trout or Salmon (baked for 5-7 in oven pre-heated to 200°C).

Night-Capper:                   Peppermint Tea


For More information on my Body Detox Packages and Pricing, click HERE

RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook

This book shares my personal story of how I cured myself from infertility, lost loads of stubborn weight and healed myself from a stomach problem I’d battled for five years- all through the power of detoxing my body.

It also includes the incredible journey DaddyGod took me through as I sought my healing.

PLUS it’s PACKED with the motivation you’ll need to DO what you need to, to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!
The book has a DETAILED 30 Day detoxifying eating plan. This means for 30 Days I’ve prepared Everything you’ll eat from each meal to the next- all you have to do is follow the plan.
C’mon people- it doesn’t get EASIER than this!


An SNEAK Peak from my book:

*RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook*

After rounds upon rounds of infertility, I gave up.

Not on having children but in the methods I’d tried so far.

I’ll never forget it.

January of 2010, I was in my room, kneeling on the side of my bed, Like I’d been so many times.

But before, my prayers had been half-hearted.

I didn’t really commit to them because I was afraid that if they weren’t answered I’d be so disappointed in God, I’d give up on Him, turn away and perhaps never return.

That was too big a risk for me to take.

So I half-prayed. In that mode of, “Great if you do God, but totally cool if you don’t”.

But it wasn’t totally “cool”.

I was hurting.

I was desperate for a baby.

So this time, in January 2010 when I knelt by my bed- I committed. I had no other options left.

Everything I’d tried had failed.

“God, if you don’t fix me, “I prayed, “I’m screwed!”

Yep. I used that very word.

Because it was how I felt.

I continued my prayer with, “Father I know I’m broken…”

And right there God stopped me.

You see, I’d prayed for years. Never had God said a thing back to me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d knelt, or lay face-down on the floor, or wept, or cried into my pillow- or screamed into my bed, saying things like, “Heal my barrenness Lord!”

I never got anything.

Not an answer. Not a verse from the Bible, nothing!

But that day, when I said, in absolute commitment to trusting God this time, “Father I know I’m broken…” my DaddyGod asked me, “Hannah, who told You that you were broken?”

I didn’t hear an audible Voice but I knew it was Him.

The question was calm but firm. I could hear His love but I could also hear His anger: “Who told you that you were broken?”

The question surprised me.

At first I didn’t know how to answer.

I stumbled through a couple of responses that came to mind… but I was stuttering…

“Bbbbbut God, I see it. I mean, I don’t have children…”

I went through a list of “evidences” that backed my case.

But I could sense that God was not going to get into this argument with me.

He’d spoken.

He didn’t say anything else after that.

Could it be?

I sat on my bed not knowing what to do. Not knowing how to feel.

What had God just told me?

Surely that wasn’t a question? I mean, what if, what sounded like a question was actually a Statement?

Was He saying I wasn’t broken?

But what of the infertility I’d experienced?

What of the scans that showed the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

What of…

But what was God saying?

And in that one question God took me on a journey.

A journey that showed me who I was.

A journey that showed me who He was.

A journey that revealed to me His perfect design of my body.

As we walked together through the Scriptures, hand in Hand, FatherGod walked me through the streets that Jesus had walked.

He showed me the woman who had fallen at His feet, thanking Him for saving her life because He’d saved her from men who’d intended to stone her for adultery.

As I stood with DaddyGod we looked on as Jesus looked into her eyes and said, “…neither do I condemn You.”

I saw her body sigh relief. I could feel His Love wash right through her and heal every brokenness she’d carried.

DaddyGod and I walked to the well, there was Jesus with a woman. As He spoke to her we saw His words heal her heart so deeply that she ran back home and couldn’t stop shouting about this Man Jesus Whom she’d encountered.

Daddy and I thronged through multitudes of people who came to Jesus and He healed them all. Every single one of them.

DaddyGod and I watched through a window as Jesus baked bread with His mother Mary, and she reveled in His presence.

As we walked through The Scriptures Daddy showed me that Jesus never ever turned anyone away who came to Him for healing.

And then Daddy took me back to the Garden. Back to the time He said to Adam and Eve “Be fruitful and multiply.”

I get it Daddy! I exclaimed.

His commandment had said, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

Nowhere did God say, “Be fruitful and multiply- oh except you Hannah!”


He’d included me in that command! And if He commanded it surely He’d made every provision for me to be fruitful!

Daddy took my hand again and we walked through Psalm 139.

Oh Lord You have searched me and known me…

You discern my thoughts from afar…

You hem me in, and before

And lay Your hand upon me

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;

I cannot attain it…

For You formed my inward parts;

You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are Your works;

My soul knows it very well.

My frame was not hidden from You,

when I was being made in secret,

intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

Your eyes saw my unformed substance;

In Your book were written, every one of them,

the days that were formed for me,

when as yet there was none of them.

If I would count them, they are more than the sand.

I awake, and I am still with You.

This is one of my favourite portions of Scripture because it speaks so very plainly to what we’ve been designed to be physically.

There are many spiritual truths in this Psalm. But through it God showed me so much evidence that I was NOT broken.

For years I’d been angry with Him, yelling, “Why did You do this to me? How could you make me so broken?”

Now I understood that anger I’d heard in DaddyGod’s voice when He’d asked, “Who said you were broken?”

It wasn’t me He was angry with.

He was angry at the lie!

He was angry that His perfect design had been challenged by a lie and it hurt Him that I’d believed the lie.

He didn’t blame me. He wasn’t upset with me.

But He was angry that a lie had come to His beautiful daughter and it had twisted how she saw herself- how she saw Him and how she was experiencing the amazing life He’d given her.

He wanted to restore what had been taken from me. And it wasn’t my health. It was my belief.

DaddyGod knew that when my belief in who I was, was restored everything would follow.

It was an amazing journey!

One that ended in me finally carrying the bringer of Light, my son Luke.

*Taken from My book ‘RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook’

Body Detox Packages

RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook – R209:   This ebook is PACKED with inspiration to help you through your detox journey, the exact motivation you need to meet your health and/or weight loss goals AND a 30 Day eating plan to help you detox,  lose weight, feel healthier and look super sexy!

DIY Detox Kit Only – R1950: Includes a detox kit and detox enema coffee only. This is recommended only for clients who have already undergone training on correctly preparing and administering detox enemas.

The Complete DIY Detox Kit – R2600:     Includes a detox kit and detox enema for 7 treatments, training on how to use the kit for the detox enema, as well as training on how to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments. Hydrotherapy treatments are used to cleanse the colon and cost an average of R750 per treatment. With this package you’ll also be able to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments, at virtually no cost. You’ll also receive my ebook  RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook. 

The VIP Premium Detox Package – R3900:      Includes a 2 hour consultation to go through the detox program,  (Home Visit for Jo’burg residents), detox kit, already prepared detox enema for 7 treatments, training on how to use the kit for the detox enema, as well as training on how to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments. Hydrotherapy treatments are used to cleanse the colon and cost an average of R750 per treatment. With this package you’ll also be able to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments, at virtually no cost. In the Premium Detox Package you also receive supplements required for the program, an easy to use file with your day to day eating plan along with recipes for each meal. For the Premium Package I do most of the work for you, you just have to follow the plan. I’ve made following the plan in the Premium Package SO easy you can start your detox the day you get your kit. For Premium Package Clients residing in Jo’burg, should you wish for the consultation to be done in the comfort of your home I come to you, at no cost. Premium Clients also receive one complementary consult each week through the 30 day detox program. You’ll also receive my ebook  RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook. 

This detox program is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR. The recommendations provided are never to replace medical advice. Recommendations provided in my detox program and all accompanying material are intended ONLY as information and education and should NOT be taken as medical advice. If you’re seeking diagnoses, treatment, help and treatment for specific illnesses (medical conditions) please consult relevant health practitioners, be it a qualified natural medicine doctor (and other qualified nutrition therapists), doctor or equivalent health professional. I do not accept liability for those who choose to use my detox program and related material provided therein.